“now, now”

stabbed in the dark like razor burn
the highway waits outside like a whore.

pretend each Tic-Tac is a cyanide pill
rubbing the rooster

paint this:  cyclones of barbed wire slicing though lines of sight.

the maid speaks only Spanish.  I don’t know if she cares.

“Loud pipes save lives,” but so does smoking them.

the grass in the desert is the grass on the mountains in
the ears of the mountains the grass is there like hair.

Falcons swoop on lonely advantage, over snowflakes
cartwheeling down on cursing thrones.

Another endless goddamned day awaits endlessly, fed
through a straw like baby food.

Fear is a whole-body cast that missed the diaper and
pissed on the whole show.

We don’t know what to do, ever or now.



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