Fuck Red China and the Chink-lympics

Yellow savages are murdering cats to make the streets “safe and clean” for the Chink-lympics.
Red Chinese government officials belongs in these cages, not cats.

For those not completely lobotomized to world events, the Chinese Empire is considering getting rid of their one slant per household law.

What’s going to happen when the Chinese realize there’s more land to take over outside of China?

War is coming.

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38 Responses to “Fuck Red China and the Chink-lympics”

  1. Digital Howie Says:

    Fucking pricks. And why are the Olympics being held in fucking China, the most over-populated, most polluted, most corrupt govt, most of everything that is bad in the world? Who’s dick did China suck to get the Olympics? I guess, after the cats, they’ll start collecting the poor, the maimed, the insane, and rid the streets of them too. China is led by morons, not realizing how the media that descends upon their country will report more than the scores of the games being played. Remember, sports reporters will report it all, not just the scores, ’cause sports reporters are the best journalists in the business. Get ready Red China, otherwise, you will not know what hit you over the head, like you’d know anyways.

  2. adlo Says:

    Fuck China. Chinkies suck and suffer from inferiority complex.

  3. faggot Says:

    Fuck the chinese government, what a bunch of bullshit. Hopefully, this will help rampant disease grab hold once more in that backwards shithole, anyone remember the bubonic plague? It started when suspicious retards began killing all the cats because they thought they were ‘evil’. The chinese government is the most corrupt full of shit establishment in the fucking world, even moreso than our own government. I don’t understand why they’re allowed to have the Olympics there. Oh yeah, I know some of you have seen the news lately, with the 30+ chink faggots running around the torch holder as ‘honor guards’ or some such shit. This is not chinas fucking olympics, this is the worlds olympics, such fucking bullshit.

  4. from vietnam Says:

    red china are evil empire. they robed land from all of the small country around them .from border line to small islands . i hope the american should open thier eyes and ears, because some day they will take over this country. those cats are food sale in meat market, you can see chicken cage back ground. they love eat dogs and cats in china.

  5. NICK Says:


  6. Terry Says:

    The Chinese are a cruel people and more earthquakes are coming to teach them! There are parallel Earth’s which are infinite in number. O’ how easy it would be to syncronize the China we know with one that is rocked by an earthquakes in one of those parallel worlds. Your thoughts are all that are needed to cause the desired outcome concerning China. Keep thinking, “teach China a lesson that will deal them the pains they are causing to those poor dogs and cats they care nothing about!”

  7. EHC Says:

    Hi Terry,

    What’s a pity. Han Chinese couldn’t be taught lessons. When Han Chinese commented on their own history of being conquered by Mongols or by Manchu, they despised their masters and said, “You could conquer us, but you couldn’t conquer our culture.” That means Han Chinese are similar to pigs in enclosure. If pig could learn, pig would not live in enclosure generation after generation to be human food. BUT PIG COULDN’T LEARN.


  8. meatlights39 Says:

    Some wanker recently tried to leave a comment assailing the above commenters as being “bigoted”. The hypocrisy of ANY human calling another human a bigot is laughable. This blog is not a social or behavioral engineering project for politically correct drones. Wank away, Wanker. Elsewhere. Comment DENIED.

  9. Hate the yellow bastards Says:

    All you fucking Chinese cocksuckers can go straight to fuck hell and burn. I hate you yellow fuckers so much if I ever get the chance to mash the fucking button, the happiest day of my life will be to see all you butt fucking bastards go up in a mushroom cloud. Then we can visit your fucking country and piss on your ashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. FUCK YOU ALL Says:


    • meatlights39 Says:

      I can see you now, yelling “Fuck you all!”, while running out the back door of WONG PALACE RESTAURANT with a giant meat cleaver in one upraised hand. If it makes you feel better, I love the Kung Fu TV series. Too bad China is now an evil empire that erased most of its culture during the commie purge. Ah well, we’ve got nukes, so you’ll never win.

  11. bob Says:

    I like china they will rule the world and take what they want. They have learned from the best , America. Time for America to move over and admit they are becoming a second class debtor nation whoring to everyone and pimping their children to world corporations. In the heart of every American is an Asian waiting to be reborn. American political system and the pimp whores who elect these politicians deserve third world status. America the Banana republic land that I love stand beside her and guide her with a light in the night from china.

  12. The United States of Red China « Says:

    […] response to this post, today we have bob: I like china they will rule the world and take what they want. They have […]

  13. Susan Says:

    Fucking bitch cunt chinese bastards are savage cunts with worthless souls who have no remorse and respect for the world. They can DIE in a big giant nuclear hole!

  14. Ehc Says:

    Hi those china-lovers/likers,

    The best way for you to love/like china is to become chinese citizens when chinese are dreaming of leaving china once for all.

    😀 😀 😀

  15. Blake Williams Says:

    Well done, good to see some people who understand the putrid bowl of vileness that is China.

    Their empire of evil is approaching its end, because the rest of the world is sick of their lies and depravity.

    All right thinking, non-hypnotised people know that China is second only to the United States as the biggest sink of filth on the face of the planet. Those U.S. scumsuckers are heading for sleepy time for good. Boom.

    Well done with your blog – keep it up.

  16. - Says:

    im asian, and to be honest, im a cat lover and hate to see this kind of stuff happening. but i think its wrong to be racists just because of this. and its wrong for people to claim the people of china vile just because they’re “yellow.” and its a lie to say that the US is perfect. no country is perfect. the people of china are deprived of much, and i like to blame the governments most of the time, not the people. so please dont involve racism. and to from vietnam. “they eat dogs and cats in china”? well so does vietnam.

  17. Lucy Says:

    They do not want to make the streets safer. They want to make their soup “tastier.” or do you think they will just waste their meat?

    • meatlights39 Says:

      Like all carnivores, I’m a hypocrite. The chicken, cow and fish–indeed all living things except maybe man–want to live. But there are more humane ways to kill animals than others, and this Red Chinese barbarism towards all animals (except pandas?) is a reflection of their brutal, evil regime and the way communist vermin treat people. Guess I should say it again, I have only respect for the Chinese people (who had a thriving Civilization centuries before Europe) but their horrific, evil government needs to join obama’s communism-lite government…in hell.

  18. Kevin Says:

    I agree!! Fuck those fucking fuckers

  19. stuped china Says:

    that is so mean stuped arse china what did the cats ever do to them i wish the nucular landed on them not japan

  20. messiiee Says:

    they have to be the worst people ever why do the cats have to go and why pick there to have the limps. i mean come on they already kill each other and i cant amagion what they would do to america if they had it

  21. TootzyFrootzy Says:

    Fuck the chinese! They fuckin eat everything! They should eat dead ppl if anything. 😡 They should stop being whores and sluts and stop having so many kids that over-populate their country. Fags. D:<

    • Ehc Says:

      You are correct TootzyFrootzy. The Chinese do eat dead ppl like dead fetus, and they also try to eat their own children alive by cutting the flesh off their children’s legs to cook.

  22. zoe and megan Says:

    Zoe-i wish that you two would be in those cages and see how must you like to be catchered and put in a tiny tosey cage.
    Megan-yhoo are horrible and dirt people i hate you for doing this to poor cats.
    Zoe-you two should be in prisin for hurting poor cats and if you are BLAME YOUR SELFS i thing i’ve made my point and think about what we wrote

  23. Amanda Says:

    You guys have no right to call chinese yellow fucks. why are you white fucks so racist? but i must say i do want to blow the shit out of those people who think it’s ok to treat animals like this.

  24. alicia Says:

    china es una gran mierda

  25. Mao Tse DONG Says:

    what is this site for ? it seems to be directly linked to your shit pipes !
    Ok your shit pipe works properly but what about your brain ? do you have any ? Or your skull is also full of shit probably !!

    The chinese people fucks you deeply and whitout any lubricant !!

    • meatlights39 Says:

      Mao Tse “Dong”? How frucking crever! Chairman mao was responsible for the murders of 49 to 78,000,000 million of your ferrow Chinese.

      Resentment Near the Jade Stairs

      by Li Po

      Dew whitens the jade stairs.
      This late, it soaks her gauze stockings.

      She lowers her crystal blind to watch
      the breaking, glass-clear moon of autumn.

    • Ehc Says:

      Haha, so, what’s your point, mao-ze-dong? Do you enjoy fucking your own people without lubricant? Do your own people also enjoy?

      I don’t know what full of you skull. But it seems you are too afraid of seeing the truth about yourself. You are a typical Han Chinese.

  26. Clarchey Says:

    Who gives a shit. Seriously.

  27. Viscosity Says:

    Triple fuck China!

  28. TootzyFrootzy Says:

    Still. They should eat their own legs. Or dirt cookies isntead of innocent animals! Vegetarian girl, out. -_-

  29. Jack Says:

    Don’t buy anything made in china?u know what?take off your clothes,don’t sleep on your bed don’t use your cell phone and iPod.why is some of the Americans are so stupid?think they can live with out china,may be they r too good,good enough to borrow money from china,u guys hate us just because we r smarter then you damn white?

    • meatlights39 Says:

      Now Jack, there’s no need to get upset. China was a fine country before the communists took over. No one sane wants to live in a world where Red China is the strongest nation. I think it’s wonderful that China harvests the organs of those condemned to execution. The problem is no one knows if the prisoners got a fair trial or even did anything wrong.

      • The Han Chinese mental illness Says:

        Unfortunately, China was not too evil only before Confucianism, it means more than 2500 years ago. Confucianism represented some of then Chinese. And since the dominance of Confucianism (around 2200 years ago), China has become totally evil. It’s evilness does not mean it could not become sizable or powerful, but mean their people’s psychological state went wrong. They started to have compulsory backward mentality. They started to be unhappy with anything new or different. They could never be criticized even if it is truthfully. Has anybody heard any Chinese says “OH, I agree with you. I think what we did is wrong. I think we should correct ourselves.”? They can’t say so even if they really think what they did is wrong. Instead, they always give tons of reasons for what they did. It means they think they are innocent to be wrong. Since they are “innocent” to be wrong, they rebuke their critics when they did something wrong. You would mistake it for human nature. I made the same mistake once. But the westerners woke me up. No single Chinese would act like a lot of westerners that would simply admit wrongdoing when they realize what they did is really wrong. That’s the true difference between the west and the east, maybe also between the west and the rest of the world.

    • The Han Chinese mental illness Says:

      Jack, you are a typical Han Chinese. You don’t think the Chinese should be blamed for whatever they do BECAUSE they can sell their cheap junk copies to America in UNFAIR trade. If you don’t think it’s fair to blame the Chinese, first you need to think about what should be called fair or unfair, then, judge what you are going to talk about. Your cheap junk copies don’t prove what you do to be ethical. Can’t you understand? You know why I say that the entire Han Chinese ethnic group is mentally ill? Yourself is the answer.

    • The Han Chinese mental illness Says:

      A suggestion to Jack, my dear fellow Chinese,
      I got ashamed to tell you how you can judge fairly, but seems I have to do so.
      When you judge or argue, first, you need to determine what is truthfully right or wrong whoever does it, then, judge accordingly.
      Because you are Chinese does not mean you must be considered right. Identity itself is not a criterion to judge. UNLESS, you cry “unfair” but have no intention to act really fairly.

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