Charlie and the Prison Factory

I’m not a fan of Florida Governor Charlie “GQ” Crist, former state attorney and swinging 51-year-old born-again bachelor.

As usual, the Democrats ran absolute fools in ’06, so Charlie was first choice.  I voted for him then, and unless someone better comes along, with a sigh I admit I would have to vote for him today.

Like the Guevara-nator in Mexifornia, Crist is a textbook RINO.  When the St. Petersburg Times, an ultra-liberal-in-complete-and-utter-denial newspaper endorses a Republican for any office, you know you’ve got problems.

A recent Times article:  ‘Crist says drug laws in place are fine’

Like all God-damned politicians, Crist is a “former” pot smoker who sees nothing wrong with incarcerating 20,000 non-violent drug offenders at a little less than 20 grand per inmate per year.  According to the article, Florida will have to build 2 new prisons per year through 2013 to house them all (for those outside of Florida, our fair state is facing multiple financial crises, including huge property tax hikes).

I’ve had it up to here with this Prohibition-era hypocrisy.  Every politician from the local dog catcher up to President should be forced to take random drug tests once a month for as long as they’re in office.  These surprise tests should be urine-based, captured live on video (with modest pixellation) and posted at government websites.  If any test positive they should be thrown out of office and jailed.

Our moronic government allows sex offenders to live at home but locks up pot smokers for life?

Shouldn’t it be the other way around? 


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2 Responses to “Charlie and the Prison Factory”

  1. Digital Howie Says:

    Damn good piece, my man, on why pot illegality is the most ridiculous shit since ’70s disco. All these assholes in office, state, local, city, county, u.s. congressmen, senators, have smoked God’s smoke (how can you outlaw a plant given to us by our Maker?) and when they get older, and in keeping with a stupid ass tradition, denounce the greatest drug of all times (’cause God made it) and make it illegal. Even Bill O’Reilly says medical marijuana should be legal and not fucked with by the feds when states enact medical marijuana (the feds love to close down legal medical marijuana shops in California, and the Arnoldnator smoked the shit out of the shit and there’s photographic proof of it too BEFORE he became a politician, of course). It’s a proven fact in European countries who legalize pot that it’s use actually goes down. Why? No thrill in beating Johnny Law. If the feds or states ran pot stores, taxed it, etc., imagine the money they’d pour into their shrinking cofers (which is why your Florida taxes are going up, Meatlights 39). And while pot is illegal and has never had one person ever OD on it ALCOHOL is perfectly legal and kills people all over the country every single fucking day.

    God I love this country but the fuckers running it are the people who should be jailed and left there for life for fucking it up beyond recognition.

    Remember, our King George was a coke head. And why he ain’t in jail for that is beyond me since every poor, minority, non-rich person IS behind bars for it.

  2. meatlights39 Says:

    Nice rant.

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