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Florida “apologizes” for slavery

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Recently Florida made an “official” apology for its role in slavery.

Since there hasn’t been slavery in the USA for some time now, this makes Whites look weak and stupid, doubly so since for decades now Whites are the racial group legally discriminated against. A useless apology to ghosts also reinforces the learned bitterness and resentment that Democrats and “Black leaders” use to keep Blacks trapped on the Plantatrix.

If an apology was terribly important, President Lincoln would’ve taken care of it when it mattered. Speaking of Lincoln, when do you suppose there’ll be an “official” Thank You from the latest round of self-described “Black leaders” thanking the Union Army for ending slavery?

Will the descendants of African Kings who sold slaves to Europeans also be apologizing?

Slavery is an ancient practice. Every race on the planet has held slaves and been slaves. For American Blacks to appropriate slavery as a tragedy that happened solely to them insults the slave trade still going on in Africa.

These words I write keep me from total sadness

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Roids, first mentioned in this post, looks like a young Michael J. Fox, one who wears a lot of tank tops and tight-sleeved T-shirts and is pumped up on you-guessed-it. He’ll be quitting the job soon, but as a part-timer he was hardly ever here anyway.

Roids disclosed yesterday he’d bagged Londra, another part timer, the other night. In the face, ‘Lonnie’ looks like Egon from Ghostbusters but her ass is astonishing. Her body is straight until the ass, which hits out of nowhere like the bulb of a glass thermometer. It turns out Lonnie, a plain-except-for-the-butt broad, is a full-on freak, pierced nipples, works by day at a nudist camp, etc.

Good luck, Roids.

This is the 2nd broad Roids has nailed at the job with little effort, proving once again that women, if the setup is right, are just as shallow as men.

I really like Roids and will miss him when he’s gone. He wants to be a cop, like his older brother. He’s smart enough but not a deep thinker, the kind of generic happy fellow that does best in this world. When at work he was always scheduled evenings while ______, the unhappily married woman I had a thing for, worked mornings; had they met and hooked up I would’ve shot them both, then myself.

Now that is an awful thing to say, but you have to understand the difference between writing something and acting on it. Stephen King has written about monsters, human and otherwise, for decades, but no one seriously believes he zips up in a werewolf suit in Owl’s Dung, Maine and goes looking for victims in the woods; if he did, no one would believe it.

Why write about Roids at all? Because the whole woman-whore game is as bad or worse than being picked last as a kid in PE (I was usually picked second-to-last but fuck ’em, I didn’t want to play that badly).

Staring into the Void it’s possible to accept there are some things you should never have to take.

Being a loner is a great gift except when it’s not.

mumia abu-jamal belongs in a noose, not the news

Saturday, 29 March 2008

There’s only two reasons piece-of-filth convicted cop killer mumia abu-jamal continues to use up valuable space, food and oxygen: he’s Black…and handsome. While the Black part is enough to get the race-obsessed commie morons rooting for him, his handsomeness is what put him over and made him a darling of Hollywood limousine liberals and other lefturds.

If jamal’s well-deserved death sentence is permanently commuted to life in prison, does that mean he moves from death row to GP? I sincerely hope so; the Aryan Brotherhood will be waiting…

Not that I’m a fan of the AB but c’mon, they’re the only ones with a flyswatter in range of this buzzing martyr of the looney left.

My ultimate mumia fantasy would be to magically release him inside the movie-world of Predator 2. Lots of murderous Blacks with dreadlocks met a grisly end in that one. Ha ha ha.