The Comedic Fury of ATLAH!!!!

I mightily enjoy the entertaining sermon-rants of The Honorable Pastor James David Manning.

Manning believes God renamed Harlem ATLAH and has cursed all Black people. He also seems to believe by his prayers he has been an instrument to destroy ‘wicked’ Black people around the globe via AIDS and poverty, a kooky claim. Manning also declares that Blacks are “dying all over the world” but it just ain’t so, and a majority of Black Americans continue to do extremely well.

While I’m against Iraq Hussein Osama because he’s a marxist and unqualified for the Oval Office, Manning wastes no time on such arguments and instead goes right for the jugular, democrat-style, claiming Obama was “born trash” and is a trashy pimp. As much as I dislike Osama, no one is born trash. It’s an unfair attack, but I still like Manning’s multiple anti-Obama sermons because they’re hilarious (Manning has made a few appearances on Fox, none of which I’ve bothered to watch since they’re tame compared to performances at his own pulpit).

It’s a shame about Manning’s kookery because about a third of the content of his sermons are aimed with sniper’s precision at people who truly need to hear his message: incorrigible Black Trash, men shooting and raping at the Astrodome during Katrina, and in a particularly sad sermon, a generic story of a Black baby born into poverty by an underage girl, the breeder father nowhere to be found.

While Manning doesn’t care for Bill Clinton, he points out that while in office Clinton channeled much money into Black communities, and now these hypocrites are repaying him by shilling for Barack. Why? Because, “Black people have no honor! No in-TEG-grity!”

Manning may very well be a kook; that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. It means all the tricks and turns liberal bolsheviks use to grind their opponents down won’t work on him. And that one-third of what Manning preaches is truth: stop blaming Bush, stop blaming Whites, forget affirmative action which suggests and reinforces ideas of inferiority, show up for work on time, save yourself, bite the bullet, be a MAN.

None of the for-profit charlatans like Alfred $harpton, Je$$e Jackson, Loui$ Farrakook and other no-goodnik apologists for disgraceful behavior by poor Blacks have done a damned thing for anybody. They will NEVER tell the incorrigibles what they need to hear. Manning does, even if no one listens.

THAT”S what makes him offensive to the Obamorgists and liberals in general, he’s a man who refuses to be a victim, and has no qualms about calling Black failures and their pimping leaders on their bullshit. The most the left can do is weakly try to “align” Manning with conservatives, trying in vain to make him a counterpart to Jeremiah “Lithium” Wright.


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One Response to “The Comedic Fury of ATLAH!!!!”

  1. Digital Howie Says:

    You’re right re: Manning. He tells the truth. Thank God he has a voice on YouTube.

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