The Company Child is the Father of the Company Man

I ask him: “Would you rather watch Billy Graham fuckin’ or Jenna Jameson reading the Bible?”

He smiles, his whole face a Mars-red acne eruption.

“Jenna Jameson…The Bible.”

He’s younger than me. Home-schooled. Sharp.

He’s traveled and lived in a lot more places than I have.

I can’t decide if he’s gotten laid (at his age I hadn’t).

If he has
he probably paid cash for it
just like I did
(he did live in Amsterdam a few months).

Though I have no faith
in my own advice
I tell him if/when he makes it to
upper management don’t be a fucking prick
who shits on others.

In his heart I’m sure he knows I’m right
but that’s probably as far as it will go,
in business, truth has no legs or traction.

Though I’m barely 10+ years older
he is the future and I am the past.

I’ll kill myself if I’m still around when he makes it.

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