Today died and became yesterday a half-hour ago.  I should be asleep but wanted to see that fucker off forever.

Yesterday was rotten.  The one good aspect about it was the toilet didn’t clog or overflow (but hasn’t in over a year).  Otherwise I’d’ve been happy to commit mass murder and still would be, which doesn’t count as real happiness.

You may have noticed most people are able to function by ignoring the shambles of their lives for long stretches.  It’s more than simple denial, it’s a survival mechanism, tested at all times.

Having to work will ruin anyone’s day; yesterday was the typical one-thing-after-another bullshit, only each blow was a little too precisely delivered to vulnerable areas. By mid-morning the metaphorical fan of good or at least neutral spirits was covered in splattered shit.  I wanted to hang it up and just walk off the fucking job, leave the country and finally the globe.

There is no limit to suffering, no expiration date.  The brain regulates involuntarily functions to keep you alive while the backstabbing mind works to makes life as miserable as possible.   I’ll never understand why the mind is such a defective turd and enemy of the brain and body.

There are some people that kill themselves and those around them say, “I can see why.”   The invitation to this level of suffering is offered by the world every day.  RSVP and come alone.

One Response to “RSVP”

  1. Digital Howie Says:

    Best suicide rant of all times. Beautiful. Marvelously dreary.

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