Jimmy crack Carlin and I don’t care

Well, George Carlin’s dead.

(I’m jealous of the dead).

While Carlin was alive, I pitied him.

He was smart but didn’t make anyone think, except by accident (the only way).

He sold many albums and books I never bought.  I laughed at some of his schtick but overall he just seemed perennially unhappy and unpleasant.

I think the genuinely unhappy are sometimes happy, if only by accident.  I never got the vibe from Carlin that he was ever happy, and that is sad.

I hope he smiled somewhere at something, but I doubt it.

He got his Answers before me.

Hopefully he’ll do better on the next go.

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3 Responses to “Jimmy crack Carlin and I don’t care”

  1. solozaur Says:

    Although i liked Carlin’s acts – now that i am reading this i see what you mean , but you must give him credit for making us laugh. Even if he wasn’t the type to make smart jokes.

  2. Digital Howie Says:

    What’s wrong with you? He was a genius. He made me laugh all the time. He pointed out the stupidity of the stupid. He got better as he got older and that counts for something. If you don’t agree? Fuck you.

  3. zippy1945 Says:

    Carlin was a master of his craft. He was a major influence on every modern comedian – even the bushie Dennis Miller owes Carlin much. So do all the comedians. Much of Carlin’s stuff was apolitical, which in these politically charged times people may forget.

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