An ugly woman is not whom I want

After over a year of being there, one of the ugliest broads at work has started hitting on me. I don’t know what brought it on but it’s annoying and unpleasant.

Earlier the same day Ugly Broad started her doomed crusade I was eyeing the hottest blonde at work, a divorcée with mousy voice, thinning hair, great tits and a weak chin. Even if I had somehow gotten with Blondie, she would be a piss-poor consolation prize to the One I really wanted who I’ll never see again (a blessing like being stabbed with a pencil instead of a bayonet).

I’m not cruel, I wouldn’t tell any ugly broad she’s ugly (believe me, they know) but fellows, even for the shallowest piece of shit among us who’ll screw a fencepost, with Ugly Broad there’s just nothing to work with. Well, she has a fair personality and is not vicious, unlike so many women. But that’s it.

While employed, Roids the Hunk, who banged a different blonde upon his arrival and is now purportedly tagging the big-butted girl with a face like Harold Ramis, also had his share of unwanted attention from the beautily-challenged. It makes my own ineptness feel more natural that a guy like Roids, who all but forced his will on the hotties, had zero skillz in handling the uggos who went after him. An uggo he gave his number to innocently enough when he started working there ended up calling him every single night and harassing him nonstop. His sole defense was avoiding her whenever possible.

I pray to Blind Jesus or whoever the fuck will listen that Ugly Broad by now has taken the hint and won’t bother me again. As bad as I’ve had it, I’ve never harassed any female. I’ve only been too nice and prefer rejection to doing the rejecting.

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2 Responses to “An ugly woman is not whom I want”

  1. Digital Howie Says:

    There are sexual harassment laws on the books for you to take advantage of, if you so desire. It’s called a hostile work environment and/or sexual harassment. Your staff should have/be trained in this. We in the govt. have to take a course on this EVERY single fucking year, at least now it’s on-line. In fact, the last on-line course we were required to take was IT security. Even though there wasn’t an official test to pass I still answered 11 of 12 questions correctly. I got high marks on the sexual shit too. So, my friend, if Ms. Nuts continues her quest for your dick I advise you to alert your supervisor immediately. That is the first step. Then he takes it higher and it goes from there.

    Oh, Todd’s here and he said he’d be flattered to be hit on and would probably fuck the bitch. “But that’s me,” Todd added.

  2. meatlights39 Says:

    I don’t think Ugg is crazy beyond what is standard for broads. I have no doubt Todds would hit it. But he’s had better, and some of the crack whores he’s written about over the years were hotter.

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