Spoiled Midget Paradox

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2 Responses to “Spoiled Midget Paradox”

  1. Digital Howie Says:

    And now he’s suing TMZ.com for getting that sex tape of his. Little motherfucker. I’d like to personally kick his ass off of planet Earth. Oh, yeah, THE LOVE GURU, starring Mini-Me, SUCKED.

  2. meatlights39 Says:

    The standard “Pornus Operandi” for these Hollyturd idiots to get their X-rated garbage out is the stolen tape.

    Note the contractor or whomever took it is never formally charged. If I was a celeb and knew a contractor stole anything from me I’d post full page ads in several papers to ruin their reputation. Or send a few thugs to collect damages. Something.

    If you don’t want your sex tape to get out, don’t make one. And if you do make one, keep it in a giant (ahem) vault.

    Some credit where it’s due: gold-digging whores that fuck midgets are smarter than average whores. Sex with a midge barely counts as fucking.

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