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Quoticle – Greater Truth There is None

Thursday, 28 August 2008

As for any of you men who were married in the 1960s or before (and) are still married – congrats and good for you. Unfortunately, times have changed because men have allowed radical feminists to change the culture, courts, and laws enough that it is much more difficult to find a suitable wife in America, and so that marriage guarantees only two things: 1) The spouse who earns more (usually men) will pay the other spouse money, sometimes for life, should there be a divorce regardless of who broke the vows, and 2) The man will be financially responsible for any child born to his wife, whether or not he was a party to the conception. The temptation to be paid for the rest of her life and free of the constraints of marriage has proven too much for plenty of women, who are much more likely to file for divorce. There is no legal obligation or peer/societal pressure for a woman to be a good wife, while men are still expected and required by law to be the financial providers.

~Ken the Playful Walrus¬† <–click to go to Ken’s blog