Fuck off, Pickle, I don’t like talking to machines!*

No one reads these non-porn posts, but I have to keep my typing skillz up, which means nothing because I don’t type the “correct” way, never have. I’m not fast, but with spell-check and no deadlines, speed has never been an issue.

Like so many who don’t know it, I’m waiting for the perfection of the Orwellian “speak-write” so I can just talk (in)to the damned machine.

I tried Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 but my comp proved too old and slow and I felt like a fool adding the punctuation: “Quote…I went to the sex market…period.” Also no matter how many times I tried, I could never get the damed program to print the word “sing” on the screen. I must’ve looked like a madman furiously growling, “SING! SING! SING!” into the headset (“Sing” by Travis was jammed sideways into my brain the whole time).

My 13-yr-old car had some work done today and looks better. I feel better about it and myself because of this. More on that later.

I should get back into blogging regularly even if I have nothing to write, like now.

Hatred never dies so they’ll always be something new to write about.


* Quote from Hamburger: the Motion Picture.

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2 Responses to “Fuck off, Pickle, I don’t like talking to machines!*”

  1. GW Crawford Says:

    I am not sure how I ended up at your site but I am glad I did

    I have pretty much gone through every post – I agree with some, am non-committal on some and disagree with others

    But it is almost always thought provoking

    But I have one small bone to pick: please don’t automatically assume all atheists are alike

    I am what you call an absolutist atheist: no supernatural whatsoever. I came to this through many years of thought, discovery and reading. Please do not lump me in with what I call the ‘lazy atheist’. These are the people who are so milquetoast they won’t even take a stand except to annoy someone else. I have a very strong moral code, developed over many years and it is solid because I only have myself to answer to and I cannot fool me.
    There is also what I call the camo-atheist. They pretend not to be believers but they actually believe in supernatural and are, as a rule, weird ass nature worshippers. You respect nature, you don’t frickin’ worship it

    Although I am not an American, I am very worried as well for her. As the saying goes, it is my concern if my neighbour’s house catches fire.

    The only plus I can see of an Obama presidency is that maybe, just maybe, it will break the power of the statist Republicans who are even bigger government than liberals and convince America to actually think about who they elect rather than knee-jerking into line

    Also, not see a Democrat president for 50 years

    That’d be nice

    Well, keep posting. I hope to be one of your regulars as time goes by

  2. meatlights39 Says:

    Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the writin’ and would be more ‘worried” if you agreed with everything, ha ha!

    I think Obama has a good chance of winning but so does McCain…Obam’s lead is likely MSM (America’s MainStream Media) hype.

    There’s still an enormous difference between failed (statist) Republicans and “normal” Democrats; not even Bush could outspend the plans of even the mildest liberal in Congress.

    Yes, an Obama win would shake DC to its core (but for the better?) and the only possible positive outcome would be a revival of Republicans, seen last in 1994.

    But would an Obama win shock statist Republicans out of their stupor? Sadly, it’s hard to say. When the Obama wealth-redistribution-engine starts up, the Republicans still in office may only offer token resistance, enough to look like rebels w/o being held accountable (just like they did with the bailout).

    If McCain wins, I hope he’ll find that his old way of selling his conservative side, then apologizing to liberals, won’t work. Right now people range from frustrated to furious. Congress is still controlled by Democrats.

    It’s anybody’s game and guess.

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