The hero of the 2008 election is 200 million guns

Some people always have to learn things the hard way, if they learn at all.  Those who voted for Barack ‘Jimmy Carter’ Obama have lit a stick of dynamite believing it was a candle of hope.

History has proven time and again that what Obama stands for (taking national security threats lightly or not at all, moral relativism, excessive wealth redistribution at gunpoint) is incompatible with a free people and nation where government power is designed to be limited.  In its wake, excessive liberalism, the only kind there is eventually, leaves nations weaker, poorer and more divided.

I know people are angry on both sides, and they have every right to be.  McCain was a dud; while not a clone of Bush (those two were often at odds) had he won we’d perhaps have been treated to 4 more years of rudderless, half-baked liberalism disguised as conservatism until the whole thing exploded.  But considering what we’re stuck with now, it won’t be long before even the Bush-haters are wishing for the old days.  “At least under W we didn’t have double-digit unemployment and runaway inflation.”

Mantras of hope and change don’t fill bellies or keep the hordes at bay.

Inspiration without leadership is a motivational calendar, not a President.

The same spiel that gets the used clunker off the lot won’t keep it running.

The hero of the 2008 election is America’s 200 million guns and their owners.  They, and not the goodwill of our “leaders” are what keeps this country free.  Keep them well-oiled.

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One Response to “The hero of the 2008 election is 200 million guns”

  1. GW Crawford Says:

    I feel your pain… and I am not even in the USA!

    Everyone I know is the Messiah will be great, the Messiah will bring America into the light, you must be racist not to support the Messiah

    I think in the long term, W will be seen in a better light. I disagree with some of his policies, agree with some and am neutral on others. But hi s foreign policy is spot on

    I wonder what the modern appeasement crowd would have done in 1939. Most likely handed over Czechoslovakia, like Chamberlain. He went to meet the Austrian corporal ‘without preconditions’, just like the Messiah wants to with North Korea and Iran

    Churchill was still ‘in the wilderness’ in 1939, seen as a war-monger and the cause of Hitler’s anger

    No one wanted to blame Hitler. After all, he was a reasonable man – he even agreed to sign a treaty!

    And, while Iran is no Germany, Germany did not have nukes!

    We don’t need messianic leaders and causes – we need people to pay attention to who they are voting for and, for once in their goddamned lives actually research their leaders and learn their character and not just vote the way the thespian aristocracy tells them

    I see too many people almost palpably longing for a return to feudalism, for their ‘betters’ to tell them what to do

    What happened to teaching American children the value of strong words like republic, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Now it’s East Coast rapper or West Coast, entitlements and mandatory guarantee of happiness

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