Lovable Grandmother Not Tasered Enough

Madam, you’re a fucking liar and a scumbag. You don’t deserve a red fucking cent, and if the Texas bacon is stupid enough to offer you 40 grand for being a total asshole, they ought to charge you double that for the electricity used to put your rudeness in its place. Fuck you.

While we’re on the subject, why should I give a shit that the perp is old and/or a woman? Where’s that EQUALITY the egalitarian shit-for-brains are always whining about? DOUBLE fuck you.

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5 Responses to “Lovable Grandmother Not Tasered Enough”

  1. eleganterica Says:

    $40K of our (well… Travis County taxpayer) money.


  2. talis4 Says:

    more appropriately meathead39. You are a scum sucking dirtbag. I hope that she bankupts those dirt bags with her law suit.

    • meatlights39 Says:

      Well, PHALIS, the lying moonbat only scammed 40 grand (more than many law-abiding people make in a single year) so you’re out of luck. No one likes being pulled over by cops, but cops already have an impossible job made tougher by assholes with no respect for the law (such as the commie ACLU). A little respect and compliance goes a long way. Of course, had the cop been killed you’d have nothing to say, which is what you said anyway. P.S. It took you from LAST OCTOBER to finish reading?

      • talis4 Says:

        well meathead39, unlike you, I have a life. Clearly, you spend most of your time trolling men’s rooms hoping to get some of the “good stuff”. I think you’d be better suited to licking latrine floors in mogadishu. It’s mindless buffoons like yourself that are trying to turn this country into a fascist dictatorship. You clearly hate America, hate freedom and love donuts (hence your love of cops).

  3. meatlights39 Says:

    My opinion of this story stands. Grandma Darwin Award was pulled over for speeding in a construction zone (60MPH in a 45) needlessly endangering the lives of workers (what about THEIR rights)? Then, after being warned FIVE TIMES of the consequences, DARES the cop to Tase her. Not only was Granny acting like a total asshole, she later LIED about being a belligerent bukyak leading up to her well-deserved non-lethal electrical education. Too bad for her it’s all recorded on video. P.S. If I’m a “mindless buffoon” then why are you in two neat pieces on the floor? Because my intellect is razor sharp. http://tinyurl.com/ccvh52

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