The ship rock…

“I don’t condemn people. I leave all judgment to Jah. We don’t condemn the individual, we condemn the system. There are those who live in evil and think it is right. For instance now, a Rastaman sit down and smoke some herb, with good meditation, and a policeman come see him, stick him up, search him, beat him, and put him in prison.

Herb grow like yams and cabbage. Just grow.

Rasta seh, it is good to think good of yourself and others. Inspiration come straight out of Jah, mon. Yea, mon. The ship rock, but we still steady.

Rum mosh up your insides. Just kill ya, like the system. System don’t agree with herb because herb make ya too solid. Y’see? So the devil, he no like it if ya stay conscious and clean up your life. For devil see ya not guan fe do fool thing again. Yes, Rasta! Herb is the healing of the nation.”

~Bob Marley

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