Quoticle – Hollywood Now and Forever

“There is only one reason that this reality continues to exist. It goes as follows: the vast majority of women in Hollywood will suck a dick to get what they want…even privileged ones like Gweneth Paltrow who were born into the business. Don’t give me this bullshit about the way Hollywood mistreats women. What a crock. Women in Hollywood use their beauty and their vaginas in every way they can to get everything they want. I lived there ten years, right in WeHo. Saw it night and day. Women are whores and men are weaklings. And that’s nature. Watch the apes on Discovery long enough, you’ll see the same shit…the female ape dangles her ass at the male ape until he walks over to get some, and then she swipes his banana and jumps three trees over, laughing her ass off. That just nature. All young women suck dick to get work in Hollywood. And ya wanna know what they are doing when they aren’t sucking dick? They’re working nanny jobs off craigslist.”

~”Dave”— on a non-story about how Gwyneth Paltrow was propositioned early in her career

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