The RNC Convention is going on.  I notice no differences.  I don’t even know where Isaac is.

I’m stoned.  Earlier I bought a pack of 50 nitrile gloves.  I cleaned out the desktop (computer) with canned air.  As if on queue, my new external hard drive arrived in the mails.  Porn and non-porn movies are being transferred, 124GB in 75 minutes.  I ate a foot-long veggie sub and some Chee-tos.  I have to work early in the morning.  Going to the hospital for routine blood sample (giving not drinking) tomorrow.  I got a debossed silicone wristband that reads I WILL COMPLETE WHAT I STARTED.  I got it from a cute Japanese girl with big tits (big for a Japanese girl).  She is immature but legal, I would lie with her if given the chance.

I will not be given the chance.

An Ayn Rand fan/libertarian I know texted that he is looking forward to Chris Christie’s “fiery” speech tonight.  I told him (my friend)–via text–to resign himself to imminent revolution and that Prez Romney will only delay the inevitable.  Looking forward to GTA V…it is to be a long wait, I hear.  I own no consoles and my 4-year-old compy is too old to run such a game.  Somehow it will work, I’ll make a friend who owns an XBOX just in time.  It’s amazing to come full circle and see turncoat Charlie Crist endorsing the fucking kenyan.  Well, this blog doesn’t mean shit to me.  It’s a way to smash time, like an ax on a piñata made to look like a clock.  I’m eating Planters Dry Roasted Five Alarm Chili peanuts, drinking them right out of the plastic jar.  I am stoned, I am high, not happy but content in my failings.

There are no big-titted Japanese girls here.  It’s sunny and hot outside.  I am hateful.

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