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Overthrow indeed

Thursday, 30 August 2012

What do I hate most about this recent bust of US Soldier “anarchists”? 

Answer:  it plays into the hands of the federal leviathan. I’m glad these dopes were stopped, as their feeble would-be attacks just give the federal mafia more excuses to enlarge and expand the police state we already live in under.

For fun, let’s compare this “dangerous” group of dipshits to the filthy muslim who shot up Fort Hood.


Disphits: young, low-ranking, enlisted “idealists”

muslim vermin: 39-year-old (at the time) officer in trusted position of 
authority (psychiatrist of all things)


Dipshits: murdered two “loose ends” (former friends) in wooded area to keep plans secret

muslim vermin: shot randomly at US troops on military base, killing 13.


Dipshits: the two murder vics  attempted to warn authorities

muslim vermin: plenty of people observed hasan was fucked in the head but said nothing due to POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. The blood of the dead is on THEIR HANDS as much as the vermin’s.


Dispshits: “overthrow” of government and/or “returning government to the people”

muslim vermin: worldwide sharia law; personal martyrdom


Dipshits: all fast-tracked to execution, except the turd who flipped

muslim vermin: endless appeals, will likely die of old age in a comfortable cell


Dipshits:  hysterically portrayed by libmedia as elite terrorists out of a Die Hard movie

muslim vermin: dismissed as crazy with no ties to any religion; remember, the Kenyawaiian raised in indonesia said we shouldn’t ‘rush to judgement’

BONUS!  Army’s report on the attack nowhere mentions hasan is a muslim 


Dipshits: none

muslim vermin: one billion muslims, minus the 6 or so who claim to be “moderate”


When it comes to the federal leviathan, I ain’t saying scrap the whole thing like the dipshits demanded, I AM saying our bloated, bullying thugverment isn’t worth saving in its present incarnation.  Whether you agree with this sentiment as a liberal wanting to slash the defense budget or a conservative wanting to slash the welfare state is up to you.

So what would trigger an overthrow of the US government?  It would have to be pretty big.  People are weak, anemic sheep these days.  The ongoing shitconomy, fast-filling with more freeloaders won’t help.  The corrupt and unconstitutional obamacare decision has stuffed a few thousand more kegs of gunpowder into the warehouse.  Another legal miscarriage of that magnitude and a close, hotly-disputed November election might very well be the lit Zippo.  Not that I overly care.  Unlike you good folk, I have nothing to lose.  

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