Criminal Donkeys

Didn’t think to be writing again about revolution again so soon, but here we are.

Now it’s voter fraud in Arkansas, committed by the you-know-whos and under-reported-to-ignored by lamestream libmedia doofii.

I’d be more willing to give these podunk idiots a pass (with long prisons sentences they’ll probably never receive) except the hysterocrats have been carrying on about non-existent “voter supression” for some time now.   One douchebag whose name I already forgot wrote a column listing voter suppression as one of but three ways Romney can win (the other two were getting-out-the-vote on Erection Day and good debates).

Voter suppression, according to the left, consists of having to show government-issued picture ID, e.g. a driver’s license, at a polling place.  Like when you have to show your driver’s license at the liquor store, that’s alcohol suppression.
…to fly on an airplane? Flight suppression.
…to rent a car? Driver suppression.
…to open a bank account? Wealth suppression.

Early voting and voting by mail should both be stopped yesterday. If you’re too lazy to drive to the polling place you should be killed.


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