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Not dexterous enough with Dexter

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Some time ago I said I’d comment again about Dexter after the 7th episode.  

I’m two episodes behind, so consider this part of it.

The last ep I saw ended with the long convo between Dexter and Isaak Sirko in the gay bar.

I never saw it coming that Isaak was gay.  I thought Viktor was his younger brother or a beloved comrade.  Maybe this shows how far society has come…that The Gay is less important than the character.

It was a mistake–from a story tension point of view–to isolate Isaak from the mob and its resources with the season only halfway over, reducing Deb’s chances of being killed to near-zero.


If I had to guess the remaining eps, Blondie McPoisoner will be killed either by Deb or Sirko, Astor and Kody will end up kidnapped, and yes, La Guerta will die, now that she Knows.  

Jamie Batista has better odds of living to be in Season 8, but Angel is way too happy for any television character to live much longer, or at least stay out of trouble.  Quinn will likely kill Iron Eagle, or vice versa.

The trouble with Dexter is that while the show still manages to surprise and delight, they’ve really done all they can with Dexter Morgan, the character.  We know his thoughts, his habits.  What made the show great in the beginning was the feeling that Dexter was capable of anything, including (yes) fucking Deb.  Now he’s predictable, even the “surprise” stupidity of not killing Hannah.  

We no longer hear any commentary or observations outside of the story from Dex anymore, and there’s no instances of him trying to pretend to have emotions, now he just has them.  We the audience have trapped him with our demands for predictability, and now that Deb knows everything Dexter has lost the power to share secrets with us.  It’s starting to feel like everyone on the show knows who he really is.

I’ve said it before and will again:  Dexter is my favorite show of all time.  Even if Seasons 7 and 8 suck balls (unlikely) the show has delivered so many times and ways almost anything can be forgiven, even if he or Deb dies at the end of Season 8 (I have no idea).