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Almost Human’s fuckbot episode

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Almost Human aka The McCoy Show didn’t screw up the fuckbot episode too badly. I enjoyed it but am not ready to start calling the Obamabot 5000 by his RoboChristian name, even with his testicle scanners at maximum.

The ep did a nice fakeout at the beginning, when the expected lone loser soliciting a fuckbot proved not a client but an investigating inventor taking the law into his own hands and resulting in his doom. (Later the ep implied both the obnoxious cop and the genius limey tech both indulged in fuckbottery, the latter just for “conversation.”)

Most of the hour I thought the women were being kidnapped by the Future Albanians and fitted with some kind of brain transplant which made them servile fuckbots like the meat puppets in the novel Neuromancer but non-consensually, a far more horrifying (and interesting) idea. But alas, the mob was just using the kidnapped broads to siphon off their lovely skin.

But I just didn’t buy that the fuckbot industry was not able to create realistic human skin. In less than 10 years medicine will be 3-D printing replaceable human organs; can’t see how creating skin would be a problem fifty years from now.

Other random nouns:

* Why don’t any of the androids have superpowers?

* In the show’s world there are two major manufacturers of fuckbots. The idea that either could go bankrupt is ridiculous, but a story was required.

* I liked the concept of the DNA bomb. I’ve exploded a few of those myself.

* Thank you writers (so far) for not implying (future) global warming has destroyed earth.

* The McCoy Show takes place in the Fringe universe, or at least one where Massive Dynamic exists. Oh, J.J. Numbnuts, you’re a crafty one! Will you be using whales in the next Star Trek movie or mix it up and put them in Star Wars 7?

* A commenter elsewhere suggested that the fuckbot episode was really the fourth or fifth along in the season, obviously shown to lure viewers with its saucy subject matter.

* Since we’ve learned our esteemed “freedom-loving” government is spying on all of us all the time in 2013, what kind of tyrannical monster must the federal mafia be in 2048?

* I was mistaken about one thing from my initial post about the show. The criminal gang is not called ‘The Syndicate’ but
Insyndicate (why doesn’t anyone calls them “In-Syn” for short, or better yet, IN-SYNC)?

* Yeah, McCoy Kennex was upset about his GF being a member of In-syn, but he shouldn’t have erased his vmail.

* Calling a deadly gas in the first ep “Myklon Red” sure was creative. Sounds ominous for some reason.

* Expect to see an evil Dorian later in the season, perhaps running In-Syn. Just a guess.

Here’s the official website and a wiki for Almost Human. I do like the show and if anyone’s listening, this is no time to play it safe with the storyline.


I Almost Like “Almost Human”

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Pretty sure I’m not the only one calling this “The McCoy Show.”

My expectations lowered considerably when I saw J.J. Numbnuts had something to do with it.

I only saw the first episode. McCoy Urban is always likable but so far this show is thin on plot and fat with clichés both sci-fi and regular.

* If crime is “up 400%” in any city, isn’t that more along the lines of a national emergency requiring the National Guard or something?

* Why in 2048 would human cops ever be involved in a shootout?

* Why are the MX androids so useless? Why aren’t there useful drones like in Black Ops II (which takes place 20 years earlier)?

* I saw ONE flying car, and it was so far away it wasn’t clear what it was.

* Why are the cops the only ones with androids? Wouldn’t every civilian have an android bodyguard? Shouldn’t there be robots everywhere à la I, Robot?

* Where’s the gay marriage? It’s normal in the future.

* Nothing in this future looks lived-in.  Even the slums low-income areas look too sterile and clean.

* The Obamabot 5000 that McCoy revives to be his partner is capable of taking offense at words, proving that in the future, liberal race-baiters will still have job security.

* The Syndicate, so far, is a gaggle of retards who get into shootouts in a future world of (presumably) infinite surveillance.  Shouldn’t they already be caught and/or mostly hackers instead?

* Stop making so much of the Obamabot’s “relationship” with his “partner”.  Take a cue from Elementary and make it one element of a larger story.  


When I saw the plot of the second episode centered on fuckbots, I actually became less interested.  In “our” world, fuckbots—that is, androids exactly like real women, minus the insanity—would comprise the first trillion-dollar industry. Few men anywhere would be doing anything anywhere except staying at home fucking. The rest of human endeavors and achievement would grind to a halt.

From the McCoy preview, I think we just see the fuckbot factory. There won’t be any mention about the entire course of civilization being changed. If there’s any human male shown using the fuckbots, he’ll be portrayed as a scrawny nerd.

Attn show creators:  I was eager to see this show when I saw the preview two months ago.  Don’t fuck it up like I know you will.