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obozo: a mixed race between ignorance and evil

Friday, 27 November 2015

This post is not for obozo kool-aid slurpers.  Stupid can’t be fixed, so move along.

Sometimes it’s hard to discern the difference the two obozos: the batshit obozo with intellect ranging from idiot to ignoramus or muslim obozo who truly believes the bullshit he’s spouting.

Did you know the syrian “refugees” are just like the Pilgrims?

Sigh. One year and 2 months left of the kenyan muslim emperor’s reign of error.  A true case of, “This too shall pass.”

The grubers will next vote en masse for cankles the communist cuckold, but being ill-informed is what makes a gruber a gruber.  




These new federal regulations are so wonderful we’ll just sneak them past you during Thanksgiving

Monday, 23 November 2015

This story fell off Drudge before the day was over.

Obozo Quietly Releases Plans For 2,224 Regulations Ahead Of Thanksgiving

Really nothing new, the federal mafia passes new regs all the time, but since 2008, with an anti-American “president” running amok, the destruction has accelerated. The muslim turd will try to get as many laws passed that hinder, harass and weigh down the already-weak American economy.

Since the Donkey Party and RINOS think people live to serve the State and more and more government power is the answer to everything, why do they always quietly sneak this shit past us when no one is looking? You’d think they be CELEBRATING ALOUD.


There is such a thing as good government, accountable and existing with the consent of the governed. 

Right now we don’t have it.

More Than 1 In 4 Americans Believe Government Is The Enemy

It should be 4 out of 4.

obozo and hollande, two diverse dickheads

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Hard to say who’s worse, America’s anti-American muslim dictator or France’s cowardly frogsident.

obozo is a muslim in everything but name.  As a youth he was raised by muslims in a muslim country for years.  He self-identifies with the “holy” quran, and on numerous occasions has rewritten American history to his liking, including “muslim contributions” to American history and an alternate, fictional history of the Crusades.  

If all of that can be argued away by liberal apologists, obozo’s dismal record of fighting muslims is there for all to see.  He’s aligned himself with iran, trying to give them nukes, and refuses to fight muslims anywhere on the globe.  (To be fair, Bush 43’s refusal to let our warriors wage war in the most necessary and brutal fashion was almost as bad as obozo’s eternal surrendering.)

If you want to argue that all of this is lies and His Earness is really a Christian, then Ears is still an anti-American failure, spending a quarter century in the pews of a hate-Whitey “church”, which he and his loyal media serfs jettisoned at the first sign of trouble. 

obozo could pull the same shit Denzel did in American Gangster–just shoot some motherfucker in the street in front of hundreds of witnesses–and no one on the left would say a word.  obozo should be glad he’s half-Black:  any other American president would be judged by his character and experience…and crimes.    


Francois Hollande, frogsident of France, is harder to figure out, except to say when your “leader”  looks likes this, don’t expect too much.

Frogsident Hollande







As Carol Brown writes, “Hollande…doesn’t get it. Or doesn’t want to get it.”  Given that all of Europe is lowering its neck for the blood-soaked muslim scimitar to finish it off, the theory that globalist tyrants behind the scenes run the show seems plausible. One or two Euro-leaders allowing ‘refugee’ invaders into their socialist paradises could be dismissed as the usual liberal lunacy, but all of them? 

I would expect any sane nation, upon hearing their “leader” surrender to internal enemies who killed hundreds of civilians, would demand he step down or be removed by force.  

That didn’t happen in France.

The same people should be demanding firearms for all citizens (not refugees) and if they aren’t allowed them legally, should arms themselves anyway. 

That didn’t happen in France.  

What will it take to wake them up?  

Whatever it is, they don’t have it.




Replace “France” with your country’s name

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Tabari 9:69 “Killing Unbelievers is a small matter to us” —the words of muhammad, prophet of islam


What did the French expect?

muslim savages should never have been allowed into France, or any other First World country.

The French should not be holding candlelight vigils, they should be demanding arms, a permanently secure border and bounties on the head of every muslim in their country. French muslim slums should be razed with bulldozers. La Tour Eiffel should be converted to a giant guillotine.  

muslim “radicals” and “moderate” muslims = no fucking difference. Every wasp in a nest is capable of stinging.  Innocent people die in all wars.  It can be innocent French or “innocent” muslims. Your choice.

God approves of violence and killing when the cause is righteous. It’s right there in the ‘holy’ quran.

Quran (2:216) – Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you.

Quran (2:191-193) – And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out.

Any Westerner calling for peace with muslims in these darkest of times should be gunned down as a traitor.

This is a time to kill.  Peace may resume when the threat is eliminated, and not before.

CREED explained (the boxing film, not the shitty band)

Friday, 13 November 2015

The following is a series of educated guesses about the upcoming movie CREED.

You’ve seen this same movie before only it was called Rocky-Rocky II-Rocky III-Rocky IV-Rocky V-Rocky VI.

Hi, I’m Creed! I train to be a boxer but only at ‘street’ level, because I have an INNER OBSTACLE.

Here’s my tough urban environment (rap music, gangs, possible dick boss at menial job, etc.)

Here’s my worried Momma, and here’s the girl I like (either already with me or soon-to-be).

I have a ring fight which I lose to the trash-talking villain.

Things start to unravel so I seek out Rocky.

I ask to be trained by Rocky, revealing I’m Apollo Creed’s son to link to the original franchise.

At first Rocky refuses to train me but I persist, then he accepts.

We train hard, things are looking up, but the INNER OBSTACLE interferes and we have a falling out.

Looks like the movie’s over.

Momma yells at me to quit boxing.

Girlfriend dumps me (or my anger drives her away.)

The streets close in.

REALLY low point. Looks like the movie’s over. For reals!

I meet Rocky again in a quiet location conducive to reflective moments. We both apologize/share tender moment. Rocky tells me additional information about my father.  Carl Weathers smiles down from Heaven (never mind, that was Happy Gilmore).

I train hard, I mean like extra, EXTRA hard. Montages galore to remixed rap version of “Eye of the Tiger.” Take your pick:

Eye of the Tiger Remix

Another Eye of the Tiger Remix

The Big Fight is arranged.  Trash talk!

Reunite with girlfriend before The Big Fight.

Receive Momma’s final warning and/or anxious blessing. She stays at home to watch The Big Fight screener of CREED on TV.

I fight the villain again.

We fight for a long time. At first I hold my own, then the villain suddenly (almost) knocks my ass out.

As my sweat-soaked head bounces in slow-mo off the mat (knocked out mouthpiece optional) I watch my own life as if it were plot points of a movie I’m starring in. I review all of the bad things that happened, plus my own INNER OBSTACLE.

Just when I’m about to give up for reals, the montage of bad stuff fades.

I see Rocky’s face, my girlfriend’s face, Paulie’s replacement/comic relief’s face.

I get back up.

The crowd, which really wants to yell “Rah-KEE!” is forced by the director to yell, “CREED!” instead.

Crowd yells “Rah-KEE!” anyway. (Fixed in post.)

The villain, seeing me rise again, stops gloating and/or snarls in disbelief.

We box again, but this time my INNER OBSTACLE isn’t there. I beat the villain down, earning his respect.

Rocky smiles from the corner like a non-Japanese Mr. Miyagi.