The Serfs of NYC, Part III – Bangin’ with Mr. Cooper

Video Is Said to Show the Moments Before a Suspected Gang Rape in Brooklyn

TIRED SIGH.  The swamp is nowhere near drained.  Now there’s a supposed video proving the Crooklyn gangbang-in-the-park was consensual, and it’s even possible the piss-drunk father had been slapping sack with the daughter before the arrival of the Urban Urkels.  

Then there’s this gem.  As for the suspects, one of them, Mr. Cooper, had been arrested on attempted murder charges in Brooklyn on Oct. 7, officials said. Those charges were downgraded by a grand jury, however, and Mr. Cooper was indicted on assault, fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon and other charges, according to court papers.

The takeaways (or ‘Final Thoughts’ for you Springer fans) here don’t really change.  If found not guilty of these charges, all five vermin are a scant handful of years away from life sentences at Urkel University.

Fuck ’em.  I’ll say it again, New Yawkers, if you live in a socialist-run shithole area you can’t yet move away from, buy, train with and carry a gun no matter what unjust laws are on the books.  Mr. Cooper seems to have beaten his gun possession rap, why not live to fight yours instead of being raped or killed?  





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