Just uh…

Have no idea when my last post published; one of the reasons I’m typing this one is to find out.  For me the Turdpress interface has always been clunky to use.  In the age of Twitter-Insta-podcasts it’s a damned dinosaur.  Who reads blogs anymore?  The world has moved on.

So much has changed, everywhere.  I’m a completely different person now, and I suspect you are as well.  Do you remember who you were 5 years ago?  Not details like your job or income, but you.  

I stumbled on some of my Jeopardy! posts.  Embarrassing.  The quality of the writing is adequate but the sentiments are just uh…

I won’t be shutting this site down, if you can call it a site.  It’s practically a museum.  I wanted to post about how the internet has devolved into The Nothing from The NeverEnding Story.  Before I continue I’ll post this to see where we at.


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