The intnerntnet is over

Turdpress keeps pushing, via email, to buy a domain, but the intnerntnet is no longer a place for free speech, and hasn’t been for years. Why spend time and money building a website when it can be dry-erased in minutes by the Hate Police? They want you to put all your cyber-eggs in one basket, linking your tweeter, farcebook, youtube, etc. This will make it very easy for them to unperson you in one fell swoop.

I come back here after many wise months away to find Turdpress has shifted the formatting and everything else around again, adding new features, etc. But there is no guarantee your work will be here the next time you log on. They take your money and if they don’t like your politics or POV you’re out on your ass, No Refunds.

I don’t trust this site or any others anymore. Commit what they consider wrongthink and you’re erased. It’s like this everywhere and worsening. Most major news sites have eliminated comment sections; the remaining few are heavily monitored for “hate speech.” In increasingly common cases, crowdfunding sites will shut down campaigns and now banks and credit card companies are joining the act, unpersoning whoever they deem unpopular.

It all just fucking sucks so much.

People ruin everything. Why would the net escape the same fate?

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