You know what you need to do but you’re not doing it

You know what you need to do.

Not the necessary, everyday shit.

The shit you want to do, the shit you were born for.

The shit you think will make you happy. Feel alive.

It might, but you don’t do it.

Hell, you’re reading some blog you found, a blog post with no tags.

(Still, you found it.)

Paraphrase of Tolkien: A job never started takes the longest to finish.

The worst part of this hell is you have no idea why you won’t take action.

The hardest part is always getting started…the few times you did start you realized the process was enjoyable for however long you did it.

But then you stopped, which means having to start again.

You’re old enough to know better and still lack discipline, but let’s not pretend the opposing forces are easy to beat.

The intarwebs is aptly named. It is a spider’s web and your attention is the fly. The web’s spectacle is limitless. It ‘thinks’ faster than you. It is always ready for whatever mood you’re in with a recipe, song, poem, quote, video, cat pic, games, porn…and connecting with others online.

It’s an addiction, the worst of them all, because it’s kustom-made for you by you.

Time doesn’t care. You’re older and will be older still.

You just don’t want to do what will make you feel accomplished–what you really love—if you could just…get…started.

You don’t understand why you won’t, except to say you almost never feel like starting doing the thing you feel you were born to do.

You are always putting off your destiny until tomorrow.

Can any hell be worse?

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