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I already said it

Thursday, 29 April 2021

No idea WTF turdpress is trying to accomplish with “blocks.” What I do know is getting rid of the blocks removes your text and you can’t CTRL-Z it back.

Programmers have to keep making shit up to keep their gigs, I guess.

Fucking blocks FUCK. YOU.

I have to type everything out in Notepad and hope it transfers. (It does, but with the fucking blocks.) So now I have to waste time selecting B for Bold one line at a time.

None of this is the thing I already said from the title.

What I’d already said I said last year: turdpress is spamming the hell out of my email to get me to buy my domain name. Why would I when the page can be shut down over any post some cockbiter finds offensive?

Would you buy a car that could be remotely shut down for the same reason? Or do business with a bank that freezes your accounts for insulting a senile election-stealing dictator?

Not today, turdpress. Probably not ever.