This Blog Will Hurt You

“Would you rather watch Billy Graham fuckin’ or Jenna Jameson reading the Bible?”

I already know your answer:  revulsion.

Henry Miller wanted to create, “a classic purity, where dung is dung and angels are angels.”  He got as close as anyone with his mighty texts, but like me he wouldn’t have a chance in hell with a blog.  Or multiple blogs.

The human being is too complex for art.  In order for a human being to be truly alive, s/he must be filled with the breath of life called paradox.

An authentic person is a train wreck and boiling mass of contradictions.  This blog is meant to get as close as possible to a twine of truths without anyone getting arrested or crucified.

It will fail.

It’s simply not possible to create a popular artistic entity where pornography, misogyny, misanthropy, politics, religion, cats, cookie dough, racism, profanity, cruelty, gentleness, love and hate authentically coexist.  Even in the now-dying video stores, everything is segregated by mood and audience.

But not here.

Now that I’m almost done with my own cleverness, I warn you: sooner or later, this blog will hurt or offend you.  Your very sandals are land mines when you tread here.  Remember that you didn’t need what you wanted, you needed what you got.  And now your legs are blown off.


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