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Jury-rigged Blogroll…

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

In another decade or less you’ll be able to sit in front of your computer/TV hybrid and tell it what you want it to do, including arranging and designing your blog, vlog, clog, frog, websites, porn bookmarks etc. with all the capriciousness of women rearranging furniture. It’ll be like having your very own programmer and it will understand plain language.

I’ve ranted before about how turdpress is counterintuitive to use for anyone with little or no HTML experience, but the whole watermelon of rage ended up amounting to a cupful of seeds since it’s free.

I’ve bugged friends and even RTFFAQ and I just can’t get the damned Blogroll to work the “easy way”. According to the controls the links should have appeared via the Blogroll menu setup, but they don’t.

Now I’ve “made-up” my own blogroll with “stolen” code. Seems to work OK…one more tweak and the links will open as new pages instead of taking you away from Meatlights.

Remember how Rev. Mel Gibson had lost faith and was so pissed-off at God in Signs that he wasn’t going to waste even one more second in prayer? No matter how stupid or inane my words get, I don’t want to waste a single second screwing around with code which then fails.