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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

broken over the knees of phantoms
bleeding resentment
angry at what can’t be changed
angrier at what can,

not giving a fuck or taking one
hearts afloat in bitterness
like sponges at a high school car wash

raising funds for the funeral of hope.

they don’t want to hear it
they already know it
they’re eating themselves
with needless rage,
except they always
chew so loudly.

BASTARD children deserve no ice cream: an interview companion

Thursday, 27 December 2007

BASTARD children deserve no ice cream? That was a pretty fucked-up last post there. You hate children?

I don’t even think about children unless goaded or one is around being a fatherless self-centered asshole. I don’t go out of my way to hurt children. I just don’t like them around. Paedophobia.

There was a child on the premises not long ago…

The mother is a fatass friend of the family. I would’ve hit it if it was offered. Big tasty breasts.

Such a romantic. Are you on drugs?


Aren’t you just pissed off your “vacation” is over?

The only real vacation is death. Yes, I am angry at the holiday respite ending. For me, anyway.

You sound unhappy.

I am.

Any reason to go on?

None. I ate everything and smoked everything. The Fatty mother is long gone and the place is too crowded to jack off. I lose.

You were pretty mean to single mothers with those last comments.

Single mothers are women who chose someone else. Why should I care how they feel?

Change your attitude and you change your altitude.

I changed my altitude with God’s Smoke. Now you’re harshing my mellow.

Sorry. Any last words?

Why not combine posts? Check out this fascist asshole’s commentary.

He thinks rising oceans due to global warming are going to “wash away” the red states. When will people wake up to the menace of Green Fascism? Left-wing activists: Nature’s organic clowns.