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Ban blessing

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

There are internets message boards on which I’ve created an alternate identity (which isn’t saying much).

Sometimes this ID is a harsh comic who will exploit the absurd and motherwreck the stupid, other times it’s engaged in impassioned arguments for this or that.

It’s a total waste of time, but authentic.

The ID has inspired a lot of hatred and bad will, and true to human form, sometimes I enjoy this, as I really do hate a lot of these other posters for their ignorance, as they hate mine. Other times I would rather be respected or even loved (you can’t be feared as an anonymous handle).

Recently I was “banned” for a few weeks for doing what I do best there.

I view this as a blessing, since posting at length is writing for which I don’t get paid or credited (I’ve also deliberately not posted there for weeks at a time to regain my sanity, so I’m not missing anything).

Either way I’ve generated a fair amount of controversy and discussion just by being ruthlessly critical and a total motherfucker who trusts only his own voice, just like any polarizing figure: Ann Coulter, Howard Stern, the Olbyloon, Dennis Miller, Kucinich, Nader, Henry Rollins…people either loved or hated but few feel anything in-between about.

Trust your voice.