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His sister is a porn star

Monday, 7 April 2008

A SFW confessional about a poor guy discovering his sister is in porn.

Why even blog about this? “Ratings.” Blogs with sex in them do better, and this particular article is about to “blow up” if it hasn’t already.

I’m also waiting, with bated breath, for some dedicated n0rp addict to find out the identity of the sister and thus confirm the article.

I have a sister who once worked on a n0rp set BEHIND THE CAMERA not in front of the tattoo-armed Cialis-dropping ex-convict of the week. She was the one who told me how bad it was, the negative energy, plus during the shoot a guy on the film crew was fired for being a crack addict (who then stomped out and vandalized some of the film crew’s cars).

I’m not totally judging these folks as I’m a mild consumer of n0rp0graphy myself, plus once upon a time I wrote n0rp scripts.

A lot of blog commentors have latched on to something the brother (a piece of shit who should be killed, when you read it you’ll know why) of the author said when breaking the news:

“It’s nasty, Bob. She’s doing everything. Girls. Black guys. Gang bangs. Taking it up the ass.”

OMG he said Black Guys like there’s a difference!

Yeah, here’s the deal on that: White women in the industry that screw Black guys “lose value” with certain large fan bases. However, they must gain back something in new fan bases.

I’ve got interracial n0rp scenes sprinkled throughout my small collection. Sometimes watching it bothers me, other times not. What’s more important to me is that the dude (or dudes) keep their obnoxious traps shut, I didn’t pay for rude/degrading commentary about the “actress” from seagull-haired frat rejects or bald Black bitches.

The unnamed sister in the article could be considered a victim, but as I read between the lines, I realized that she could also simply be one of the bell curvers, people on the wrong edge who are always going to be fuckups no matter what anyone else does to help. They are not lost in the eyes of the gods, but being lost to themselves, there’s no saving them this time around.

Then there’s this from another blog. I do not know the author and never read her before yesterday.

I’ll be the first to admit it….I don’t get why guys like porn.

Men are visually stimulated, they have “more direct” sex drives and less societal restrictions about getting the job done. How can I put this so women can better understand it? Ladies, you know how a great many of you enjoy watching romance movies and reading romance novels in order to give your tear ducts “a workout?” You get that feeling of release after which you feel better. Well, penises also like to weep tears of joy, only in spurts, onto your breasts and elsewhere.

When ever I see glimpses of it, I think how that girl must be feeling…how she got there….what her family must be feeling or thinking. It’s degrading to me. You can call me a prude or whatever…

You don’t have to be a woman to know how a woman in a n0rp0 is feeling, after awhile it’s easy to see who’s into it (very, very few) for the screw and who’s there for the paycheck.

…but I know that it hurts me inside. I think of my sweet little sister at the age she is now. Think of all your sisters you have now. What if circumstances changed them? What if they grew up to be a porn star?Think how you would feel and how you would feel for them.

Sometimes this argument is used by people (like me) that would rather prostitution be decriminalized. How is a woman lying on her back for 20 minutes per hour more ‘degraded’ than a waitress on her feet nonstop for 10 hours a day? Which woman is safer and has real legal protection, the woman in the brothel or the one on the street with a psycho pimp?

As for women in n0rp, it’s all business to them. They compartmentalize the bad shit just like everyone else with a rough job. The only thing that bothers me about n0rp these days is the youngest talent seems absolutely soulless, as if they’d planned to be in n0rp since they were 12 or younger. Awful.

I’ll be an old-ass man when virtual fucking and fuckbots are finally viable. Anything is better than this.