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Be advised. I eat concertina wire and piss napalm and I can put a round in a flea’s ass at 300 meters so why don’t you go hump somebody else’s leg, mutt face, before I push yours in.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Had a few things to get down on pixels but they’re jammed up in my head. Had the day off and pissed it away. The problem is having only ONE day off in an otherwise unbroken series of workdays, there’s no time to do anything, or rather I don’t want to do jack shit.

This is the only place I have any competence, sitting in front of a keyboard. I thought of this as I brought the double-bagged cat shit to the dumpster.

Watched one-third of Heartbreak Ridge on cable. Haven’t seen it in ages. I loved it when it was new on cable many moons ago. Clint Eastwood was immortal…then sometime in the 90s he seemed to age 30 years overnight.

Heartbreak Ridge holds up well. It’s funny, sad, even touching. As Gunny Highway would say: “Panther piss”.

“You shouldn’t litter FAG-etti, it’s ecologically unsound.” ha ha ha!

I understand why cable TV has partially-censored itself on the non-premium channels like TNT but it pisses me off nonetheless. It makes NO sense if you remove the money angle (advertisers). YOU decide and consent to the content when you pay for the fucking cable box AND the fucking Tivo function. It’s a “private” line into your home, not broadcast on the fucking government’s shitty airwaves. If you can stop, rewind, even record the damned movies I don’t see why you can’t select FULL FUCKING SWEARING on the remote.

At ease.