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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

After emailing the talented fellow who brought my idea of “PopeCat” to life through the magick of Photoshop a few years back, I was sad to learn he no longer had a copy.  All was not lost, however.  When  I visited Cali last November, I took the one thing of value out of storage, my old hard drive.  All the old files are now safely stored on my new external hard drive, and PopeCat, as you can see, lives.

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Look at his cute little ears, poking through holes in the PopeCat mitre! 

The Pope already has the costume and the car, but He was still missing something:  a sidekick.  It couldn’t be a human, for like the Sith, the “Co-Pope” would crave the Pope’s power.  So why not PopeCat?  Cats believe themselves superior to humans–including His Holiness–and they are.

Think of the archbishops lined up at Mass, grumbling and pissed because a cat ranks higher than they do.  Ha ha ha ha!

All hail PopeCat!  And have mercy.  I spared you the CATholic puns.

* NOTE FOR PURISTS I’m aware Pope John Paul II has become one with the Force, but I don’t care for the current “interim” Panzer Pope.  PJPII forever!