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The Pornette: Unanswered, Living Why

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

If there’s such a thing as a Liar’s Resume, the LA version must include having “dated” a porn star. Every time the subject “came up” in a group of guys, at least one would “confess” to such a tryst. During my years in the LA shithole even I’d been up close to a few working pornettes, just not as their date or “partner”. The energy of “The Industry” is poisoned, what an Old Testament Jew might call “unclean”. Lust has no effect and nothing to do with it; lust is a real emotion and pornettes radiate only lube and glitterdust.

With the exception of parasitic dudes seeking a free lunch from Jenna Jameson-level millionaires, I can’t understand why porn stars get married.
“How was your day, honey?”
“I was the cum-soaked centerpiece of a 20-dick circle jerk. Did you get the mail?”

One of the reasons porn women are able to perform is they’re mentally-unstable, emotionally-damaged, just plain fucked-up, so the absolute lowest, least sense-making move is when they have kids. Why a pornette would want to add Breeder to her list of achievements is illogic defined. What kind of mother material comes out of being a pig-on-a-spit between two dicks all day?

I feel bad for the children of porn stars. It would be better for kids to grow up with two gay parents than a digicam whore. That is all.