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California Penis Kitchen: 1-1

Friday, 30 April 2010

All right, it’s really California Pizza Kitchen but that didn’t cause you to visit.  I brought home their supermarket chain thin crust BBQ pizza (don’t ask me which one I don’t remember).  WAIT!  Look at the link, next to the pie it says THIN AND BEAUTIFUL, two things I ain’t and sure as hell won’t be after eating the entire thing in one shot, which I did.

BBQ was Delicious as in ‘I’ll-box-a-kangaroo-with-bare-knuckles-for-another-one’ Delicious.

The one CPK failed at was their limited-time-only cheeseburger pizza.  Eh. Too much dill overpowering the other ingredients, didn’t care for it, altho  there’s really no such thing as bad pizza or bad sex, except maybe in prison.

You’re one and one, California Penis Kitchen.  Until the next time I have 8 bucks and a day off you’re off the hook.

A slave enjoys the sunshine

Monday, 20 October 2008

It took from the beginning of the year till now, but yesterday, finally, the weather got cool enough for windows.

Right now Florida weather is exactly like California weather, cool with no humidity. If you could bottle it you’d have something more narcotic and valuable than cocaine.

Normally, nature is something to drive a car through to get to a building, but one day a year to honor ideal weather is fair. The gym was closed for removation so, having chugged a phial of “6-hour energy” on this, my day off, I went to the park. I hadn’t been to the park in 20 years, I figured it was about time to see it again.

The park was loaded with humans, though not as many as there could’ve been.

The nature trail had been made ‘one-way’ (stupid rollerblades). Many years ago the winding trail was thin, easily-bullied asphalt made hilly by giant tree roots. Decades later it’s finally taken enough asphalt-steroids and the tree roots are tamed.

I walked the 2-mile trail in 40 minutes and, despite the coolness, left the park in a sweat.

If the weather was like this year-round, the influx of humans to the state would be double what it is. No good, no good.

So here’s your tribute, perfect Florida weather. Don’t let it go to your head.