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Vermin Polanski aka Druggy the Child Rapist

Saturday, 3 October 2009

The less said about this turd the better.

I thought he was “safe” as long as he stayed in France and/or out of the States (apparently so did he).

Why drag him back to the US for “justice”? Wouldn’t it have been easier to just shoot him in the head? The Swiss like things with holes in them.

Certainly not all, but plenty of hollywood scum are rallying around this guy like he’s some kind of martyr.

“The reality is that a bunch of mostly self-righteous secular jews are upset that a fellow jew, who just happens to be a convicted criminal, has been arrested. They know anti-semitism when they smell it. They can’t see why else a brilliant jew who drugs and anally rapes a 13-year old girl needs to be held to account.” — Tanstaafl

If only Manson, Dahmer, Gacy and this freshly-deceased turd had made arty movies perhaps they would also be martyred like Druggy the Child Rapist.