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I ain’t daid but my comp nearly is

Monday, 24 November 2008

I’m typing to you from the same old craptop, but with a regular monitor hooked into its video output because the screen’s LCD lamp died and its now darker than the insides of Stevie Wonder’s eyelids in an underwater cave.  Then the hard drive wouldn’t load, so I had to reinstall a copy of XP, find drivers, all this other shit.  Windows XPenis kept my files but erased all my programs, including Microsoft Office. WTF, Gates, you idiot!

The craptop now also shuts off suddenly, dead, at random times.  It’s four years old.  Fuck HP products.

A new desktop will be on the way after Black Friday.

Somewhere on M39 I’ve already admitted I suffer/enjoy internet addiction.  BFD.  Everyone is obsessed and/or addicted to something and suffering is as common as sunlight.

I wrote some words about the past week’s intermittent lack of internet access, how it’s actually helped me. I’ll post them later, I’m too tired and/or lazy to find them now.