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More On Children

Thursday, 1 May 2008

I was mildly stoked to try disc golf (frolf) with “Mac”, a guy from work, until I learned he would have his kid with him.

You’d think from such a reaction and this semi-redundant post that I hate children. Not so! It’s just long ago I had all romantic illusions of childhood stripped away by working with 20 or 30 kids at a time as a glorified babysitter. Not to be a fatalist, but even at ages 5-10 the Lord of the Flies framework is in place; you can already tell who is fucked for life, or will at best have a long, hard road ahead of them. (Years later, I was also horrified/delighted to realize I can legally have sex with any of the girls I once babysat, except that like 99% of the people I’ve met/known, I hope never to see them again).

Not being able to tolerate children is a personal defect as far as this society is concerned, right up there with suspicion at never being married/divorced or a breeder yourself. It’s another way I’ve failed to be normal, one I don’t mind, as I can barely take care of myself, much less another.

I never want to raise another man’s kids or be around them, which is another obstacle to being with the female. I know of a good-looking woman, friend of my friend’s wife, freshly-divorced. She’s good looking, had breast reduction surgery (oh how that pains me) and if she doesn’t already sound like a dream come true, she’s a wealthy heiress to a beer fortune. Seriously. Our slang name for her is “The Beeroness.”

You already know where the problem lies: two daughters, one spoiled and the other who-the-hell-knows.

I just can’t do it.

Problems with children go to far beyond personal ones. These days if someone sees you talking to a child without that child’s guardian close by and you don’t look the part, you’re fucking finished. You are putting your life and reputation in the hands of fate, and if that child decides to lie (or is forced by authority figures to “remember”) you inappropriately touching them…

If this societal paranoia paid off in by actually killing convicted child molesters/rapists/murderers within a week of sentencing, I might support it. But there’s no follow-through there either.

I know many adults that won’t even acknowledge the presence of children for that reason. They’re afraid, with good cause.

And you wonder why the little shits have no respect for anything or anyone.

The greatest mistake this country has made in the past century is allowing federal and state governments to run the schools. How will fucking government, defender of mediocrity and promoter of endless dependency, train future generations to beware of governmental abuses of power? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you need to take a closer look at your local school system. Why are you barred from knowing your local indoctrination centers’ curriculum? What kind of messages are bureaucrats sending to impressionable young minds about economics and history?

If Mac corners me, I’ll take the hit and go frolfing despite the presence his son, who is 2 or 3 years old. I’m not a shit, or if i am, I’m an observant one: “Mac” loves his kid and having one (and a quality wife) has made him a better, more responsible man.

But all the children everywhere? We have failed them. Drenched in sexual and violent imagery, brainwashed by government schools, “raised” by a parade of moms’ boyfriends (themselves overgrown children) today’s “children” are already dangerous. They are Hitler Youth, only pledging allegiance to the Tele-playstation-Wii-Box and the Next Big Thing. For now.

BASTARD children deserve no ice cream: an interview companion

Thursday, 27 December 2007

BASTARD children deserve no ice cream? That was a pretty fucked-up last post there. You hate children?

I don’t even think about children unless goaded or one is around being a fatherless self-centered asshole. I don’t go out of my way to hurt children. I just don’t like them around. Paedophobia.

There was a child on the premises not long ago…

The mother is a fatass friend of the family. I would’ve hit it if it was offered. Big tasty breasts.

Such a romantic. Are you on drugs?


Aren’t you just pissed off your “vacation” is over?

The only real vacation is death. Yes, I am angry at the holiday respite ending. For me, anyway.

You sound unhappy.

I am.

Any reason to go on?

None. I ate everything and smoked everything. The Fatty mother is long gone and the place is too crowded to jack off. I lose.

You were pretty mean to single mothers with those last comments.

Single mothers are women who chose someone else. Why should I care how they feel?

Change your attitude and you change your altitude.

I changed my altitude with God’s Smoke. Now you’re harshing my mellow.

Sorry. Any last words?

Why not combine posts? Check out this fascist asshole’s commentary.

He thinks rising oceans due to global warming are going to “wash away” the red states. When will people wake up to the menace of Green Fascism? Left-wing activists: Nature’s organic clowns.

BASTARD children deserve no ice cream

Thursday, 27 December 2007

It’s hard for me to explain how much I hate children, as a group. I used to be a Latchkey “counselor”: any kind of romantic notions about what it means to be a child or saving the children or children being the future was wiped out.

What is a child to me? Someone smaller than a normal useless human but requiring additional attention. These days children are spoiled little shits and one of the reasons I hate smoking bans is because disciplining a child with a burning match isn’t the same as a lit cigarette.

Just kidding. Understand that I would happily kill all adults who abuse children, but children themselves remain vortexes of time, attention, money.

If you treat kids like miniature human beings, they’ll turn out all right, but you know, you’re going to like some children more than others if you treat them like people.

Nobody dreams of having ugly children, attractive children are preferred…this is a major source of trouble.

I would love to see the BASTARD stigma reborn. I want unwed mothers (“breeders”) to feel real shame, and their bastard progeny to remind them every day how they fucked up. Also, unmarried sperm donors (they are not real fathers except in the eyes of the law) should be stigmatized and made outcasts.

Fun fact: James Smithson was a bona fide English bastard and was so furious at being denied social status, he gave his money to the United States, which founded…the Smithsonian Institute. See, if England then had had no stigma-shame about bastardhood like America does now, we would have fewer cool museums.

Anyways, I never want anything to do with women who have children. Haggard, bitchy, tired, enslaved and a pussy like a pup tent.

I hate everyone so just laugh it off, no one cares what anyone else thinks.