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It’s an MLK thing, one I Understand all too well

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Once again it’s time for MLK Day (any excuse for the Post Office monopoly to not work). Usually around this time an email critical of MLK circulates. Snopes has addressed it.

I wondered what “Dr.” King’s politics would be like had he lived. The verdict according to the facts in this essay is that America likely would’ve had one more Je$$e “Booty Call” Jack$on-style race-baiting poverty pimp to contend with, albeit an eloquent one.

That MLK was a stentorian “playa” who got far more ass than me is mainly what I admire about him. The rest of his spiel I can take or leave, the Right is going to be blamed for Black failure by the Left no matter what, it’s easier to cry Foul both for Black opportunists and the White liberals that own them.

Do I exaggerate? In private, the benignly racist deputies of Pinellas County don’t refer to Blacks by the n-word. They call them Democrats.

HOPE my fat, jolly ass: A few words about B. Hussein Obama

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

No hand over (bleeding) heart for the national anthem.

Inexperienced, naive pickpocket of HOPE, eloquent but sterile, nothing new to say and saying nothing.

1960s platitudes about poverty; favoring the same failed government programs. Government schools breed suckers to respond to these same old lines.

If B. Hussein gets elected, there will be no “racial healing” and the $harpton/Jack$on Professional Victim Racket for “Oppressed” Blacks won’t miss a step. Complain, complain, complain means fuel for the gravy train.

If B. Hussein gets elected, all the good works in Iraq will be undone. Not a dime will be saved by “ending” the war; many more dimes will be pissed away on more failed Big Government programs.

The terrorists will still be out there. As well as right here.

CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE, people want CHANGE, but they don’t want to know what the CHANGE will be and B. Hussein Obama isn’t talking.

The only real CHANGE guaranteed by electing another socialist is that your CHANGE will rain down from your pockets along with your dollars as you’re held upside-down and shaken by the ankles by the government. The way Dems see it, YOU work for THEM.

If I knew people were so desperate for HOPE and CHANGE I’d have run for President myself, instead of Emperor of the Universe, which I already is!