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Let your guard down and they change the layout

Monday, 8 December 2008

I’m back after a short-long hiatus from Meatlights, during which Turdpress apparently has been tinkering with their layouts.

I done been writing while away but the craptop I was using would overheat and shut off randomly, so I used that as an extra excuse not to post anything.

Now I’ve got a kickass new DELL machine. It’s terrifying. Fast. Vast. I didn’t necessarily want a new machine; tech-wise I’ve always only needed the writing-equivalent of a vehicle to make it 3 blocks to the 7-11…a moped or bicycle would have sufficed. Instead I now have the equivalent of a Stryker.

So far I don’t mind the Vista OS but it’s complicated: a frightened Hollywood forced the Winddurrs folks to put all kinds of copyright protection on DVDs read by Windurrs machines. Doesn’t affect me as I’m not big on burning music, and the best protection against theft of Hollywood product is that 99% of it is unwatchable shit.

Right now Vista isn’t selling too well but will eventually. Lots of privacy issues with it but then privacy is all but gone, not a “right” any more than gay “marriage” is a “right”.

In wealthier countries there’s a panoply of technological distractions to keep you from facing yourself and your own problems.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this one, ha ha ha.

Marmaduke fails at pussy

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Check out this Marmaduke from Sunday, 03 AUG 08:

Observe the ‘cat’, one of the worst drawings I’ve ever seen. Is anyone even trying anymore? It really steams my clams that someone got paid to draw a cat with hound dog JOWLS.

Can YOU do better?–chide the critics. Hells yes. I drew my cat head with the MS “Paint” program in about 4.5 minutes. Unlike the Marmashit feline (more like FAUX-line) mine looks like a cat, falling well within the parameters of the Artistic Zone.

When will these fools learn that any job worth doing is worth doing half-assed?

Quarter-assed won’t cut it.