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I wait with bated breath for hate crimes charges to be filed

Friday, 7 December 2007

If I actually did I’d pass out. Click links below.

Thugs Bash Boy Scouts With Shotgun to Steal Christmas Tree Money...

Woman viciously attacked by 9 students on Baltimore bus...

Boston Firefighter Stabbed: 'Don't want any gringo here'...

One good thing comes out of these stories, it keeps the multicultural-diversity liberal liars awake at night when they’re forced to tell the truth about which races are behind these violent attacks. Yes, White people have their share of fuckups (witness the recent loser shooting people at the mall) but those Crazy Whitey stories, horrifying as they are, standout because they’re rare. Attacks by racist thugs are as common as rain in Seattle.

Good Black people and good (legal) Mexican people should be as furious at these scumbag thugs as the rest of us (most Black crime is Black-on-Black) but they’re not. They’re more scared of being called sell-outs and Uncle Toms by the very people who pretend to speak for them.

It pains me to have to point out things like this, but there’s no other way to wake people up unless they get their asses beat themselves.

Click here to check out a book of facts on racial crimes.

“Everyone has a right to their own opinion but nobody has a right to their own facts.”

The late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (last of the good Democrats)

France and Learn

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Do you remember American history class, when you learned about European immigrants flooding into America in the 1920s? Remember how the Germans, Irish, Italians, Poles, Jews built a country up from nothing?

They did it with roving gangs of unemployed and undereducated youths, shooting at police and demanding money from the government.

(I should be more judicious in my use of satire: with so little American history taught in government schools, you might actually believe that.)

The French have always had a breeding problem–a dearth of it. They like screwing but not kids. That would be all right except they need French folks to run things, speak French and protect their borders and culture.

In the past France’s population problem was usually solved by invaders, only this time the invaders are not conquerors from countries with similar underlying traditions but rabble from failed societies.

To get a glimpe of America’s coming demise, observe France.