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Plug the wikileaks a-holes…with sniper rounds

Monday, 29 November 2010

WikiLeaks has published classified documents about, well, it seems, everything.  It’s impossible to tell how much of this information will sabotage US war efforts, endanger our troops and retard diplomatic relations, but what is known is that release of these documents causes harm.

Two things that should happen as a result of the “leaked” info.

1) This piece of shit should be executed for high treason, and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

2)  The founder of wikileaks, Julian Assange, should be assassinated.  By whom, I do not know.  Throw a dart at a board with CIA, MOSSAD, etc. on it.  This bottom-feeder  needs to be chlorinated out of the gene pool.  Am I asking you the reader to do it?  No.  You’re too lazy…and I’m too busy.

On the other hand, the governments of the world refuse to fight evil even when the evidence is there.  We’re feeding and housing muslim vermin at Gitmo to this day when we should’ve already sprayed them with pigs’ blood and shot them with one of those pneumatic thingys used to kill cattle.  For muslim vermin, Gitmo should be the last rest stop before hell.

When it comes to justice, we’re too darned nice.  Unfortunately, being nice to vermin means the innocent are endangered.  Needlessly.

Also, someone should burn the New York Times building to the fucking ground.

The US Military: now with gay lamb cannons

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

It seems gays will finally be allowed to OPENLY SERVE in the military, another case of an asshole liberal activist judge overriding the will of the people.

Folks, it doesn’t matter whether you’re for openly-serving gays in the military or not:  when judges legislate from the bench and override processes set in place to properly change laws, that is called ‘tyranny’.

You can stop reading now if you wish, the major flaw with this corrupt decision has just been exposed.

Still here?  OK.

My problem with openly-serving gays in the military isn’t gays…it’s the patently dishonest way the politically-correct subversives will downplay and hide results IF the results of this experiment are not positive.  They’ve already done this with women in the military.  I’m not saying there shouldn’t be women in the military, but I AM saying I doubt there will ever be an honest accounting of all the additional expenses and problems caused by the presence of women.

With the arrival of ‘open-gay’ soldiers, the list of problems is just unfurling.  Expect reports of unwanted sexual advances and harassment (already a problem with women around) to increase.  How about gay soldiers who contract HIV while in the service, further burdening the strained military medical system?  AIDS drugs and care ain’t cheap.  Another even more pressing problem is living arrangements…if gays can’t legally marry, can the military make a non-military partner a spouse in government housing?

And last but not least, the US Thugverment long ago “solved” the problem of natural human inequality by making every other lifeform except the Straight White Male a protected species, subject to preferential treatment.  Now we can finally add poo-pushers to the list (surely there’s already an LGBT Celebration Month already in the works) right below the protected-class muslim vermin that shot up Fort Hood and got away with it because a few smart cowards didn’t want to jeopardize their careers and be labeled RACISTS.

The legitimate purpose of the military is to kill people (enemies) and break the enemies’ shit ’till the enemy don’t want to fight no more.  The obamateurs (and to an extent, their predecessors) have turned our killing machines into legally-bound goodwill ambassadors who now have to play by all sorts of rules that only get them killed, or court-martialed when they do the right thing and ignore them.  Now you’ve got Pussy on the left and Faggy to the right, in addition to Diaperhead and his rocket launcher hiding just over the next rock outcropping, and you can be court-martialed for hurting ANY of their feelings.

I’m already looking forward to the absolute slaughter of taxocrats this November 2nd…if this gay nonsense enrages even more voters to eject the commie bastards then hoo-rah.