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Television sickness

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Father Time and my shit job conspired to bring me several days off in a row; I’ve wasted two of them ‘catching up’ on TV, most of it junk.  Mythbusters is a fun show, but it’s not going to help me get anywhere in life.  Neither is Family Guy, The Simpsons (hasn’t been funny for years), Kitchen Nightmares, Smallville, Futureweapons, shows about snipers and a few ultimate/combat “reality” shows which don’t teach shit.

 I haven’t watched a whole day of TV in years.  It’s worse than heroin; not even Tivo can organize it all and there’s so much crap by sheer volume a sleepless immortal couldn’t absorb a tenth of it.

 It is sickness.  I’ve got to break free of its evil.  Three hours of Mythbusters to go.