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Since no one asked, I just want you to know I hate all singers

Thursday, 23 April 2009

I hate singers.  All of them.  Yeah, I listen to music and it has singers in it.  So fucking what?  They all suck balls.  Fuck them and their giant-ass egos.

Fuck singers!  They didn’t earn shit.  On-key singing is a genetic accident, nothing else.  It takes a some training to sing, but not a whole lot.  It’s not like, say, ACTING.  Har fucking har.

Do you know how to breathe, fucker?  Then even you can sing.  Just badly.

Susan Boyle? Fuck NO.  Voice like UH ANGEL and a face like my ass.  A bodybuilder puts in REAL WORK to get in shape…nobody is born ripped.  Did Boyle wake up one day and start doing VOICE UPS?  Crap.  Bitch you won the genetic lottery, now fuck off.

The cruelest thing about these fucking singers is what they do to the rest of us, the second cruelest is the bullshit lasts and lasts like a stick of dogshit gum.  Without a gimmick or rich husband a “model/actress” is finished in 10 years or less.  Faces shrivel and fall off, tits board a bus for Silcon Scalpel Ski Resort, but those goddamned singing voices barely ever change, they just switch to animated features.

Jealous, you say?

Of course, twit! Why should I be doing niggerwork while some idiot with an IQ of SPAM recycles some Sinatra for 1 billion dollars?  Don’t think jealousy counts for everything, either, I’m jealous of people with the cohones to kill themselves.

Fuck all singers, vocalists, crooners, carolers, musicians, performers, songsters, songstresses, throat-sucking ear-fucking dickwad assfucks.

Except Don Dokken.

You Fool!

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Tomorrey I’m going to attempt something I haven’t tried in years:  working out twice in one day.

It’s also a big deal because it’ll be the 2nd time I’ve worked out before going to to work…the first time was months ago when I thought I might have a shot with a $200-an-hour call girl (sadly, the cunt didn’t want any more business…I’m cursed, I tells ya).  

A run in the morning followed by weights in the evening, and niggerwork on my feet all day.

I’ll be the healthiest suicide on the planet.