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France and Learn

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Do you remember American history class, when you learned about European immigrants flooding into America in the 1920s? Remember how the Germans, Irish, Italians, Poles, Jews built a country up from nothing?

They did it with roving gangs of unemployed and undereducated youths, shooting at police and demanding money from the government.

(I should be more judicious in my use of satire: with so little American history taught in government schools, you might actually believe that.)

The French have always had a breeding problem–a dearth of it. They like screwing but not kids. That would be all right except they need French folks to run things, speak French and protect their borders and culture.

In the past France’s population problem was usually solved by invaders, only this time the invaders are not conquerors from countries with similar underlying traditions but rabble from failed societies.

To get a glimpe of America’s coming demise, observe France.