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“Cost of Living”

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Found this paper blowing across a parking lot six years ago; scanned it front and back.  Story of the average wage slave, told better than I could.



It’s Too Late

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I have no fans, and that’s fine with me. Much has happened since I last picked up the keyboard for more regularly blogged bullshit. As filmed, the story would be minor happy events in an overall tragedy as opposed to some bloodless low points in a comedy. Sounds about right for almost everyone.

I’m slowly dying of some rare blood disease that damages only the kidneys. Really, I wish my kidneys would fail already. I would quietly collect SSD and get dialysis 3 times a week if it meant not having to ever work again, facing the ugliness of the human race every fucking day.

There are still a few good things left in life:  Oreos, cannabis, taking a shit, internets, reading history, jacking off. There are even hookers that will come to your door!

Contrary to what salesfolk are forever claiming, there is a time when nothing you do or try or buy will save your sorry ass. That time is called “It’s Too Late” and for me, it’s already here. I never try to tally up the reasons I have to live another day, there really aren’t any. I’ve abandoned this life…the mp3 player is still counting the song from both ends but the music stopped long ago.

I told the Guru I HATE God, but I told him in an email.  No response.  That was years ago.  When he does answer it’s usually with, “Have you tried meditating?”  He’s not being a smartass.  God is.

Sadly, there is no Satan to worship. Don’t matter who you cry out to; no god—good or evil—returns messages.

I want to get black t-shirts made with IT’S TOO LATE right across the chest in bright yellow. More than any demon, those words frighten people, with truth.

Guess which one they crucify?

Friday, 6 February 2009

America is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced. –Frank Zappa

A mentally-unstable breeder who already had 6 kids (damn near in a row) now has EIGHT more at once with unholy science procedures. Having already suckered the state (bankrupt Commiefornia, now there’s a surprise) for nearly 200 grand in disability and wearing her poor parents to nervous breakdown, the breeder now “shops around” for a tv show/interview that will pay….

After 30 years the FBI still can’t nail the monster who is likely the Tylenol Poisoner as well as a suspected murderer and all-around piece of shit con man…

But Michael ‘Phish’ Phelps? All but crucified for a picture of him taking a hit off a bong.

I’m no Phelps Phan but I like the guy, he’s made a lot of people happy, which is more than can be said for any 11 assholes anywhere in government.

You can be a suspected murderer or breed children into a poverty-stricken environment with no father, but take a puff of God’s smoke and they want to kill you.

Enough is enough.

Incidentally, a spokesjoint for NORML was on the local talk radio station this morning. He says about 35 out of 60 Congressfolks would vote to legalize marijuana tomorrow, which, of course, is not enough.

“Your new God is the absence of Light”

Monday, 6 October 2008

As the world burns green they tremble at their lost money, but it’s the end of their world, not mine. I’m already inside the Singularity where nothing matters. I’ve been here for years, numb. A handful of cake or a handful of shit, it’s all the same to me. I eat both. Stealing or giving, kissing or killing.

All the same.

Nothing surprises me for long. Death is nothing, a shift in fortunes and pale energy. A body dies, the maggots win the lottery.

You are getting exactly what you deserve. Should I rise while you fall, it’s meant to be. You believed this when you were on top and I was down.

Now we are both down.

I’m getting the last laugh and I stopped laughing years ago.


That do-gooder vibe + assorted shit

Saturday, 6 October 2007

A friend-a mine has something on his myspace called, the folks behind the slogan, “Make Poverty History” and this gem: Join the generation that is going to end extreme poverty during our lifetimes.

The first thing one-org should do is define what constitutes extreme poverty. I have an idea of what it is but I’m not the one making the sales pitch.

Activism works because it serves a purpose, and that’s getting people together to serve a cause greater than themselves. There are chemicals in the brain that respond positively to social contact (most of them I seem to be missing) and for people living in huge, dark, isolating cities like Frisco, NYC, Lost Angeles, it provides a sense of community.

My cynicism then, is directed at how much of a difference these organizations make toward “the cause”. In the case of “eliminating poverty” in the First World this would begin with reversibly and mandatorily sterilizing all women between ages 15 and 26–including and especially immigrants–or curtailing immigration altogether (I’m really not advocating this, mind you, but since I asked for my own opinion…)

You need “breathing room” in every sense of the cliche, and slowing the birth rate is the first most obvious step to easing the drain on charities and other resources.

In Second and Third World countries, the main problem is creating a strong, stable government which serves its people and is mostly free of corruption. Without order, any infrastructure capable of delivering food, water and shelter materials is doomed.

The simplistic think we can use our military (USA) to simply erase these tinpots and warlords, but unless the ensuing republic is strong, a cult-of-personality tyrant will always take over again. It may happen in Iraq, then again, it may not. The peaceniks don’t seem to realize if we don’t win, enemies of the US will gain all of Iraq’s oil.

Nanotechnology and robotics might make poverty history in our lifetimes, but both can also enslave the entire world.

It’s Saturday night. Time to go get a milkshake.