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Ripe for Revolution, one in a series

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

When it comes to predicting the arrival of revolution, try looking at the little things.

Here we have an article about the “Secret” Stupids that got caught cheating honest workers out of fair payment.  

These dopes embarrassed our nation and their Service, and though I despise the Hawaaiian-raised-by-marxists-in-muslim-Indonesia, this honest-to-Allah gaffe had nothing to do with him.

Apparently, getting fired was a good career move for these SS douchebags. Not only will they receive no prison time for alleged drug use, they’ve gone from being potential bullet sponges to enriching their worthless hides with outrageous federal pensions, all at taxpayer expense, of course!

Hey, if it were up to me, both hookers and blow (actually all drugs) would be decriminalized tomorrow. Let the States decide.

But that’s not the issue here.

There’s nothing I despise more (for the length of this rant) than a cop who will arrest a man for the same behavior he engages in. It’s why I’ll always have the titanium bones of a “spiritual” anarchist within this…dull conservatarian exterior.

You libs who hate those devilish CEOs’ fat paychecks and severance packages should take note of this one, it’s the same exact concept of rewarding failure, only instead of sharholders its you and me with our dicks in the blender.

Reflect on the 30 million Americans out of work, struggling to survive.  Now think of these fat-assed dirtbags reaping huge taxpayer-funded rewards for being disgraceful.

I read shit like this article and am ready to hoist the black flag and start slitting throats.

To help calm the fuck down, I’m adding this editorial cartoon from Nick Anderson of the Houston Chronicle, the funniest of all toons I’ve read this year:

US Military Social Engineering Experiment Part Deux: Gay Lamb Cannons are here!–UPDATED 21 FEB 18

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

So now The Kenyan has finally got around to signing a law repealing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’, which had barred gays from serving openly in the military.  At least it was done sans the activist asshole judge.

I opposed the repeal of the ban based on what I think is a semi-original idea.  I had some trouble explaining it in person, but here goes again.

Forget for a moment that we’re talking about gays in the military.  Instead, let’s say the military wanted a new type of rifle.  With barely any testing of this new rifle’s performance, it is immediately adopted and replaces the M-16.  That alone is madness; in order to placate those opposed to the new barely-tested rifle design, the military leaders promise if the new rifle fails in the field, it will be replaced with the M-16 again.

Well, my fellow Americans, we’re not even promised that much.  What we’ve been told is the new rifle is going to replace the M-16 whether it works or not.

I suspect The Gay will negatively affect military performance, but I have enough wisdom to know that I don’t know for certain.  What I do know is the obamateurs—the marxist radicals Slobmerica elected—who are currently responsible for keeping our Armed Forces strong, ALSO have no idea how The Gay will affect military performance, nor do they care if the results are negative.

If women in the Armed Forces is any indicator, The Gay is going to be a lot of trouble, and like all politically-correct social experiments, a lot of trouble that will be hidden from the public eye.


WELL ME BOYOS, rather than start a whole new post I’m going to add this here, since it’s a variation on the original theme. 

Regarding gays serving openly in the military, my concern was increased obstacles to troop readiness in the name of social justice would get our troops killed.  Now that I think about it, while I haven’t gone looking for one, I’ve never seen a headline anywhere explaining the results of this social experiment, but I gather if it’d been a roaring success, fake news would have (for once) trumpeted an honest report on the front page.     

Sometime between 2010 and 2018, I remember the military opened up every job to women.  (To me the craziest wasn’t allowing women to attempt joining the SEALS, it was women being allowed to serve on submarines.  What a great deal even for plain janes!—who could charge $500-an-hour to screw.)

So the latest affront to common sense is what every soldier and sailor knew would happen:  the presence of women lowered standards.   

Marine Corps Quietly Drops Major Obstacle to Female Infantry Officers

Read the comments section:  I don’t need to add my voice to the chorus of Marines saying BAD IDEA.

But that’s the Age of Insanity we live in.  We just try everything because we can, no matter how retarded, never caring about real-world results except to hide failure. 

His sister is a porn star

Monday, 7 April 2008

A SFW confessional about a poor guy discovering his sister is in porn.

Why even blog about this? “Ratings.” Blogs with sex in them do better, and this particular article is about to “blow up” if it hasn’t already.

I’m also waiting, with bated breath, for some dedicated n0rp addict to find out the identity of the sister and thus confirm the article.

I have a sister who once worked on a n0rp set BEHIND THE CAMERA not in front of the tattoo-armed Cialis-dropping ex-convict of the week. She was the one who told me how bad it was, the negative energy, plus during the shoot a guy on the film crew was fired for being a crack addict (who then stomped out and vandalized some of the film crew’s cars).

I’m not totally judging these folks as I’m a mild consumer of n0rp0graphy myself, plus once upon a time I wrote n0rp scripts.

A lot of blog commentors have latched on to something the brother (a piece of shit who should be killed, when you read it you’ll know why) of the author said when breaking the news:

“It’s nasty, Bob. She’s doing everything. Girls. Black guys. Gang bangs. Taking it up the ass.”

OMG he said Black Guys like there’s a difference!

Yeah, here’s the deal on that: White women in the industry that screw Black guys “lose value” with certain large fan bases. However, they must gain back something in new fan bases.

I’ve got interracial n0rp scenes sprinkled throughout my small collection. Sometimes watching it bothers me, other times not. What’s more important to me is that the dude (or dudes) keep their obnoxious traps shut, I didn’t pay for rude/degrading commentary about the “actress” from seagull-haired frat rejects or bald Black bitches.

The unnamed sister in the article could be considered a victim, but as I read between the lines, I realized that she could also simply be one of the bell curvers, people on the wrong edge who are always going to be fuckups no matter what anyone else does to help. They are not lost in the eyes of the gods, but being lost to themselves, there’s no saving them this time around.

Then there’s this from another blog. I do not know the author and never read her before yesterday.

I’ll be the first to admit it….I don’t get why guys like porn.

Men are visually stimulated, they have “more direct” sex drives and less societal restrictions about getting the job done. How can I put this so women can better understand it? Ladies, you know how a great many of you enjoy watching romance movies and reading romance novels in order to give your tear ducts “a workout?” You get that feeling of release after which you feel better. Well, penises also like to weep tears of joy, only in spurts, onto your breasts and elsewhere.

When ever I see glimpses of it, I think how that girl must be feeling…how she got there….what her family must be feeling or thinking. It’s degrading to me. You can call me a prude or whatever…

You don’t have to be a woman to know how a woman in a n0rp0 is feeling, after awhile it’s easy to see who’s into it (very, very few) for the screw and who’s there for the paycheck.

…but I know that it hurts me inside. I think of my sweet little sister at the age she is now. Think of all your sisters you have now. What if circumstances changed them? What if they grew up to be a porn star?Think how you would feel and how you would feel for them.

Sometimes this argument is used by people (like me) that would rather prostitution be decriminalized. How is a woman lying on her back for 20 minutes per hour more ‘degraded’ than a waitress on her feet nonstop for 10 hours a day? Which woman is safer and has real legal protection, the woman in the brothel or the one on the street with a psycho pimp?

As for women in n0rp, it’s all business to them. They compartmentalize the bad shit just like everyone else with a rough job. The only thing that bothers me about n0rp these days is the youngest talent seems absolutely soulless, as if they’d planned to be in n0rp since they were 12 or younger. Awful.

I’ll be an old-ass man when virtual fucking and fuckbots are finally viable. Anything is better than this.

Determining vaginal value

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Re: Spitzer/Gollum’s call girl.

No pussy is worth 5 grand an hour; this broad sure as hell isn’t worth US $1000/hr.

Mariah Carey or Vida Guerra might be worth 5 grand a night. My once-favorite porn star might be worth double that for a night’s work.

In the end, what’s money got to do with it? What is money, anyway?

Sooner or later every man pays the ultimate price,

while women do their nails.


Tuesday, 11 March 2008

I didn’t know much about Eliot Laurence Spitzer pre-scandal. Now I know he’s another Red and an arrogant prick, he tried securing driver’s licenses for illegals, his wife is totally hot (what a dumbass for cheating on her) and he looks like Gollum from LOTR.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

While Spitz isn’t a finook hebephile, he should step down. Many are happy to see him go.

As for prostitution, it should’ve been legalized a century ago. Between escort services and the intarwebs, it practically is in some places.

Some guy who works in construction called in to a radio show today and explained how dropping 8 grand now for a call girl for his supplier saves his company $120,000 in material costs over the year. It’s the downside of living in a culture of commerce; vagina is just another commodity, a cost of doing business.

Now you know why so many ugly, useless products make it to the shelves while the good stuff falters. I couldn’t tell you which was better betwixt Blu-ray and HD DVD, but seeing how things played out, it’s evident Blu-ray’s backers had the better hookers.

I feel bad only for Silda Wall Spitzer, brainy lawyer wife and no slouch in the Looks Dept.

Anyone who makes someone who looks like this

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

look like this

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

deserves bad things happening to them.

Poor Silda looks like I just told her I loved her. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Saying No to Dr. No

Monday, 14 January 2008

If I had my druthers (whatever they are) all the Presidential candidates would stand for most of what Ron Paul does.

Hey, I’m for limited government, minimal taxation and maximum personal freedom.

The problem is, the majority of Americans aren’t for those things.

* The average American doesn’t know the Constitution limits government power.

* The average American thinks the government should take care of everyone well beyond those Constitutional limits.

* The average American doesn’t know how the economy works (reference: Homer Simpson in the “Frank Grimes” episode).

And oh yes, the average American has always enjoyed interfering with his neighbors’ happiness, at the cost of his own freedom and tax dollars. Mr. Bluenose has a lovely wife to fuck, yet he feels a zoned, legal red light district would somehow hurt him personally. He’d rather the cops go after strippers turning tricks on the side than child rapists and burglars. It’s also been proven sad-ass drunks can’t stand the sound of stoners laughing, so the naturally growing marijuana plant must be banned.

The idea that people can do as they please provided they don’t infringe on the rights of others is a fairly new idea, one that most Americans presently don’t accept.

Ron Paul’s foreign policy is his key weakness. A strong national defense and military will always be needed, and part of it involves fighting other countries and in other countries. A Paul presidency would see China take over the rest of the world “as long as they don’t invade US territory”. So what, they save us for last?

I like most of Ron Paul’s platform, but it’s ruined by people and reality.