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The War Game

Thursday, 29 November 2012

It was barely a blip in the news.  The red chinese have revealed their new attack helicopter which looks a hell of a lot like the American AH-64 Apache.

It must be a coincidence.

Skip the specs and go right to this:  

US legal action regarding alleged engine software transfer

In June 2012, United States charged United Technologies and two of its subsidiaries, Pratt & Whitney Canada and Hamilton Sundstrand, of selling China software that provides the necessary engine codes to operate the CAIC WZ-10.[8] While the Chinese defence ministry denied that China bought or used the software, Pratt & Whitney Canada and Hamilton Sundstrand agreed to pay more than $75 million to the U.S. government to settle the charges.[9]


War is all a grand illusion, isn’t it?  When American troops are eventually killed by these Chinese turdcopters with stolen US technology, 75 million dollars might start to seem a lot more precious.

Or not.

The Apache’s wiki doesn’t offer much hope either; versions of the ship have been sold to many countries I would not consider allies, including Taiwan (aka China).

The word for the day is UNWORTHY.

We already have a welfare-selling president whose performance made him UNWORTHY of a second (or first) term.  A tax cheat UNWORTHY of any office runs the Treasury.  

This bloated, bullying government is UNWORTHY of preservation, and reflects too accurately the crumbling union UNWORTHY of American principles ignored or forgotten.

The criminals believe there’s always room for more corruption. 

It won’t be much longer…

America 1776-2008

Monday, 19 November 2012

The best way to enjoy this post is with this tune playing in the background.  I listen to it whenever I read the news.

Carl Panzram was a most unpleasant human being. As his noose was being prepared, he said, “I wish the entire human race had one neck, and I had my hands around it!”

I feel the same way about anyone who voted for the purple-lipped kenyan, only instead of one neck I wish it was one face I could slap the shit out of for a solid hour. You have no inkling of how badly you have fucked over your country and yourselves, and in the years to come, you would be wise to never admit you voted for the prick even once.

Of course, the problem with the years to come is that you will never piece the puzzle together on why things got so bad for you, and should you glimpse the terrible truth, a thousand voices are already working hard to make sure you doubt what you see and blame your suffering on the milktoast motherfuckers who aren’t/weren’t even in power during the fall.

Words fail me. I’m still in shock. You skin voters or welfare voters or what-have-you have done the equivalent of voting for another 9-11. I keep waiting for the scientitians at the Hard-on Collider to announce they have a wormhole open for anyone who wants to gets their ass over to the parallel universe where Rombot won.

But I don’t want to tarry on the subject. Periodically senility overtakes history, tyrants gain the upper hand and nations fall. America had a decent run, we got more shit done in our historical eyeblink than Rome did in one thousand years.

I constantly remind myself these days that it’s not my job to overly give a shit about the fate of America or the world.  The choice has been made for the rest of us:  by fools.  As I say often, without a hint of irony, “I look forward to death.” It always gets a laugh.  It should, I’ve practiced saying it until my timing is perfect.





FINALLY, a muslim comedy!

Friday, 28 September 2012

First off:


This trailer for a “controversial” muslim comedy is just the latest excuse.  Crack open a history book once in awhile. 

If anyone should be (laff) rioting against the film it should be over the shitty production values.  

I was only moved to write about this because I thought the director had been arrested for exercising his right to free speech.  Turns out he’s not allowed online because he’s a run-of-the-mill identity thief, which could prove useful since even the “fooled” actors he hired have been fingering him to save their own necks. 

Gotta give credit where it’s due, at least this low-life thief had the guts to speak out against the 900-lb bomb-strapped camel in the room when no one else is.  While in no danger of winning an Oscar, Innocence of Muslims (the trailer) currently has 14 million views on youtube.  Who knows, it might prompt a few more people to find out more about the “real” mohammed.    

The no-ballses running the American and other so-called First World governments are trying to wait the ‘muslim problem’ out.  Not going to happen.  The barbarians are ALWAYS at the gate, and now, in some lands, already inside.  If history proves true, there isn’t going to be a muslim Renaissance and/or Enlightenment period in the next 30 years.  

Look, I’m telling you this as someone who believes Islam is as legitimate a path to God as any other faith:  the only way the world is going to end the jihadist muslim threat is with a promise of complete and utter religicide.  There will be no list of “moderate Muslims” to protect and no time to sort it out anyway; when the real revolution begins, “moderate” Muslims are going to be threatened to join with the other kind against the West or be killed.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.


Don Pauly’s essay “Tough Love for Mexico”

Monday, 12 April 2010

Original meatlights post about this essay here.

1 June, 2007

The Mexican Problem

Mexico is a land rich in resources. It has plenty of fertile agricultural land, mineral deposits, warm seacoasts, and huge oil reserves. Instead of developing those resources to provide jobs, Mexico exports its jobless people to work here. Their government cares nothing about the welfare of their citizens. It only cares about the $25 billion that they send home each year. This money is what keeps the Mexican politicians in power and is Mexico’s second largest source of foreign exchange after oil exports. The government also benefits from the tens of billions of dollars of illegal drug profits raked in by Mexican drug cartels.

Mexicans have gotten the idea that they have the right to breed like flies, and that it is our duty to feed and clothe them. Our treasonous politicians have allowed this to happen. For that, they deserve to be dangling from a rope. Mexico has exported a FIFTH OF ITS POPULATION to our country. Of the 100 million left at home, 40 MILLION MORE want to come here, according to a recent survey. Half of the families in Mexico have at least one member illegally living in this country. Instead of our people electing a new government, our government has elected a new people.

There are 25 million Mexicans here in this country, including 5 million anchor babies. This bunch costs our tax payers $89 billion per year. This cost is spread out in welfare, education of their children, crime, incarceration of their criminals, and medical care. Mexicans send over $25 billion per year from their earnings back home, which is lost to our economy. The total economic loss to our country is on the order of $114 billion per year. This does not consider the $80 billion per year that the War on Drugs costs. Mexicans are responsible for the vast majority of all drug trafficking. The millions of their citizens who are illegally here facilitate this drug trade.

In 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, sank five battleships, and killed about 2,300 military personnel. In retaliation, we killed 2 million Japanese and dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. In 2007 dollars, those battleships were probably worth about $1 billion each. In economic terms, assume that the lives were worth $1 million each. This is a total economic loss of $7 billion. Mexican illegal aliens cost this country that much in less than a month. They further kill about 25 of our citizens per day.

These killings are divided into 13 homicides and 12 drunk driving fatalities. Mexicans therefore kill over 9,000 Americans per year. From a casualty standpoint, this is four Pearl Harbors per year. Mexico costs us 16 Pearl Harbors per year economically, and four Pearl Harbors per year in casualties. Mexican illegal alien child molesters victimize an average of the eight American children each day. What is that worth? No wonder our living standard is dropping. It is time for action.

America has 300 million people and does not need any more. Our country is rapidly being destroyed by an occupying army of Mexicans. This army has rendered millions of U.S. citizens jobless and caused overall wages to plummet. Mexico has a real weapon of mass destruction inside this country aided by a fifth column of illegal alien lovers. We can have decent Mexican restaurants in every city over 100,000 with no more than 2000 Mexican chefs. Americans can do the rest of the jobs.

To solve the problem we must address the reasons why Mexicans leave home as well as what attracts them here. They do not want to come to this country. They are forced to flee here to escape the grinding poverty in Mexico. That country has proven itself incapable of self-government. We occupied Mexico City in 1848 and should have never left. We need to give Mexico a little tough love and straighten it out.

If the government there doesn’t like the necessary measures, it is time for some cruise missiles to visit the Mexican parliament. If that fails to get their attention, the next step is invasion and occupation. We can use some of the 5 million anchor babies for cannon fodder who are old enough.
How to Send Them Home

To get the Mexicans out of this country, we must eliminate the conditions that attract them here. The problem must be solved in the following stages:

1. Jail U.S. employers who hire illegal aliens
2. Seal the border with Mexico
3. Stop ALL immigration
4. Abolish all green cards and H1-B visas
5. Deport all non-citizens to their countries of origin.

Jobs in this country are the attractive nuisance that bring Mexican illegal aliens here. A bounty of $1,000 should be paid to anyone who reports an employer of an illegal alien. That employer should receive a minimum prison sentence of two years. Claims by the employer that the illegal alien’s documents appeared genuine will not be accepted. An employer smart enough to make payroll knows whether the potential employee is a U.S. citizen or not. That is the purpose of a job interview. After the first few employers are hauled off in handcuffs in front of video cameras, no illegal alien will be able to find a job anywhere.

The employment of illegal aliens is a vicious circle. When some employers hire them, other employers must do so to stay in business. Jailing all such employers will level the playing field so that no rogue employer will dare hire an illegal alien. While this will increase the prices of some things, the extra money will circulate in our economy instead of being sent to Mexico. This money will stimulate our economy and cause wages to rise more than the additional cost of a few items. When society does not have to subsidize illegal aliens, our taxes will go down and our standard of living will rise.

In 2004, Chris Simcox patrolled with the Tombstone Militia on the Arizona border for illegal aliens. Within days of Bush talking about amnesty, all the Mexicans that he apprehended said that they had come to get their amnesty. A 2,000-mile fence will cost billions of dollars and damage the environment. It is not necessary. A “shoot to kill on sight” policy should be established for illegal border crossers. This should be done without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, or citizenship status.

Not every illegal border crosser would have to be shot. After the closest Mexican consular officer collects the first carcass, word will spread instantly all over Mexico. Immigration would be halted within days. This is actually quite a humane policy. It would save the lives of the 400 Mexicans who die from thirst each summer while trying to cross the Arizona desert. This would be far more effective than putting out water cans.

Only about 2,000 Border Patrol agents used as snipers would be required, one per mile. No additional agents would need to be hired since four shifts could be organized from existing agents. Huge numbers of agents would become available for reassignment. These extra agents can be used to form dragnets to rid the country of illegal aliens who are deep inside our borders.

The Social Security Administration is the secret to getting rid of most illegal workers in this country. The vast majority of the 20 million Mexicans in this country have fake social security cards. They generally cost them about $100 each. Usually the number on it belongs to an American. The hapless owner of the number will suffer damage to their credit and get in trouble with the IRS over its use by others. A stolen social security number is typically used by about 100 different Mexicans all over the country for their IRS withholding. Billions of dollars of losses are caused by fraud from stolen social security numbers.

When the SSA spots a mismatch between name and number, the employer should be immediately flagged. If the mismatch is from a typo on a single digit they are likely innocent. A gross mismatch on a number should trigger a visit by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to the employer and to the employee using the number. Where a significant percentage of their employees have fake numbers, the employer should be arrested and imprisoned. Only a few arrests of employers and deportations of illegal employees would be necessary. With the possibility of employment gone, Mexicans would flee the country in droves and return home.

We need to revive the Old West tradition of bounty hunters to get the remaining Mexicans out. Many of them are working for cash under the table for cheating employers and will escape the Social Security dragnet. A bounty of $100 should be established for the reporting of any illegal alien. This would be a profitable profession for interested parties. Any peace officer who encounters an illegal alien or doctor who treats one should be required to report them to ICE. Teachers should be also required to report any illegal alien parents that they come across, or their children. Any law enforcement officer, doctor, or teacher who fails to report an illegal alien should be imprisoned for two years.

The next step is to stop all legal immigration. The total number of political refugees must be kept under a hundred per year. As soon as the political conditions which created the need for them to be here are gone, they should be immediately repatriated. We have earthquake refugees from Central America who are still here 10 years later. Rather than bringing the victims of natural disasters here, the aid must be sent to them.

The only non-citizens allowed to work in this country should be those employed at foreign embassies, cooks at specialty restaurants, and as language teachers. Their numbers must be kept to an absolute minimum. Tourists or students should be admitted into this country only if they have return tickets to their home countries. Foreign students attending our universities must leave immediately after graduation.

We do not need ANY foreign workers in this country. Every green card should be revoked and every H1-B visa cancelled. Their former holders should be deported along with their families to their country of origin. This is the proper way to preserve family unification. Children of non-citizens who were born in this country should be deported with their parents.

Every past citizenship application should be gone over with a fine tooth comb. Where an applicant has lied or committed any kind of fraud, their citizenship should be revoked and they should be deported. All deportees should be required to pay the cost of their deportation as well as for any welfare or medical treatment that they have received. If not able to do so, their property should be confiscated and sold for that purpose. The taxpayer should pick up the tab only as a last resort.
How to Keep Them There

Deporting all Mexicans from this country will not keep them from wanting to escape the overcrowding and poverty at home. Solving that problem is just as important as eliminating the environment that attracts them here. NAFTA (No American Factories Taking Applications) was a disaster for rural Mexico. Iowa corn is being sold in Mexico for half what it costs Mexican farmers to grow it. We should not export agricultural products to any countries which are not stabilizing their population. Cheap food exports encourage the Third World to breed like flies.

Most rural Mexican villages are virtually deserted except for the very old and the very young. The farmers have all emigrated to the U.S. to find work. The remaining population are being supported by the money sent home by their relatives in America. Mexico’s problems must be solved in the following stages:

1. Build enough affordable housing
2. Stop all food exports to Mexico
3. Import as much Mexican food as possible
4. Start a DECLINE in the population of Mexico
5. Build a Mexican highway system
6. Develop the Mexican oil fields
7. Develop Mexican mineral resources
8. Provide universal public education
9. Collect reparations

Over 20 million Mexicans live in Mexico City. The air there is the most polluted in the entire world. Tijuana is one vast slum. We need to demolish the slums of the large cities and disperse their populations to the countryside. Development of Mexican highways, oil fields, and mines will provide high paying jobs for many of the 25 million Mexicans who will be deported from this country. Hundreds of thousands of them will have been working in the contruction trades in this country as framers and masons. They can provide the labor to build affordable and plentiful housing. Small towns in Mexico also need modern sewage systems. This will develop rural areas of Mexico for agriculture.

ALL FOOD EXPORTS to Mexico must be stopped. This will allow Mexican farmers to make a living and provide jobs for the ones deported from the U.S. The benefits of stopping immigration far outweigh the harm caused by loss of the export of a small portion of our crops. We should only grow crops in this country that can be highly mechanized; like corn, wheat, soybeans, hay, and cotton.

Labor intensive crops such as lettuce, onions, grapes, and peppers should be grown only in Mexico. This will provide jobs for unskilled Mexicans who can do nothing else. We should import Mexican vegetables not Mexicans. Any labor intensive crops grown in this county should be harvested by chain gangs of immigration lawyers. It will take them many years to work off their sentences.

Mexico has an abundance of rich farm land which can be used to grow labor intensive winter vegetables, but there are problems with sanitation. In 2003, several hundred Americans in Philadelphia got hepatitis from eating Mexican scallions. Several died. The outbreak was traced to the use of human sewage as fertilizer in Mexico. We will have to show Mexican agricultural workers how to use field toilets. Our experts can teach them how to grow crops in a sanitary manner. Our inspectors can verify that they continue to do so. This will allow us to safely import large amounts of food from Mexico.

These are all stop-gap measures unless the population of Mexico is reduced. Their emigration to the U.S. is driven by out of control population growth. Until this is stopped, the problem cannot be solved permanently. A Mexican is born every 45 seconds and one emigrates to America every 30 seconds. A one child per family policy like China’s must be immediately enforced in Mexico. After the birth of her first child, every Mexican woman must be sterilized. While financial inducements are preferred, any necessary force must be used.

We can provide a small army of doctors to help Mexico do the job. The cost of spaying a cat is $100. Surely $400 would be enough for a Mexican in mass production. Assuming 20 million Mexican women are of child bearing age, this would cost $8 billion. At one operation per hour, it will take 10,000 doctors one year to do the job. This is only a few percent of the total number of doctors in this country. Thereafter a trickle of sterilizations would suffice to maintain the one child per family policy. A million Mexicans enter this country illegally each year and each costs society over $8,000 per year. In one year, we could save more than the total cost of sterilization.

There is an old joke among the Mexican Reconquistas:

When Mexico gave up half of its territory to the U.S. , that half was the one with all the paved roads.”.

Roads between many Mexico cities would not pass for a decent cow path. A massive highway building program can provide jobs for several hundred thousand Mexicans. It will make possible the rapid economic development of the country.

Mexico has huge untapped oil reserves which their state oil monopoly Pemex has not properly exploited. Since Mexico nationalized it in 1938, it has been run inefficiently with rampant corruption. We import about three billion barrels of oil from Arab countries each year. Those three billion barrels make about 120 billion gallons of gasoline. This is 400 gallons for every person in this country, or enough to drive 12,000 miles.

It would be far better to get this oil from Mexico rather than Arab countries. If we didn’t need Arab oil, we would have a handy excuse to keep them out of our country. They wouldn’t have money for terrorism if we didn’t buy their oil. Our Middle East policy would be much more flexible as well. Getting the Mexican oil fields in shape would give Jorge Arbusto’s beloved Haliburton something to do. Many high paying jobs would be created for both Americans and Mexicans.

Our southern neighbor has rich platinum, gold, and silver deposits. These riches must be exploited to provide jobs for their population. Tailings from old Spanish silver mines can be worked profitably with modern technology. Worked out mines can be reclaimed for agricultural land. Mexico has thousands of miles of beautiful sea coasts that can be developed for tourism and which will provide many jobs.

Universal public education must be enforced in Mexico. This includes teaching Spanish to Mexican Indians. Mexicans must be educated to do high-tech work rather than just picking lettuce and trimming palm trees. We should train them as doctors, nurses, and engineers. If they are short on lawyers, we can send them a million of ours. At some point, we should be able to establish self government when they become capable of it.

Mexico could become a economic powerhouse instead of a troublesome parasite. Once we get their economy humming, it will be payback time. Reparations should be collected for the past costs of Mexican illegal immigration. Most likely, this would amount to $1 trillion or so. If each of 125 million Mexicans paid reparations of $1,000 per year, the total could be paid back in only eight years. That money could be used to put Americans on Mars.

© 2007

Donald E. Pauly

The author is an electronic engineer with two patents and a commercial pilot with airplane and helicopter ratings. He is Executive Director of a new political party, the Emigration Party of Nevada.

Original meatlights post about this essay here.

Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God

Monday, 22 March 2010

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America in REAL Jeopardy!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Got a few more hits than usual lately, most of them for Jeopardy! posts.

The online test came and went in my timezone; I never bothered to register.

I have other things to immediately focus on like the scheduled death of a beloved pet, a brutal early morning work schedule and now the second wave of government theft that went through today, the Economic Scamulus Bull, courtesy of Black Commie and His Merry Band of Jackass Marxists.

The “Stimulus” is a payoff to the commies and thugs that put Obamarx in office. If you voted for this radical thug because you thought he was better than Gramps McCain, you’re in for a nasty surprise the rest of us knew was coming. Don’t think for a minute you’re going to benefit from Thugbama’s ‘generosity’ to his cronies using your money. Not a single job will be created and no part of the economy will recover because of anything demonshits do. The only thing the socialists could do to save the free market they despise is slash taxes and freeze government spending, and Hell would freeze over twice before the latter happened.

Guns. Bloodshed. War in the streets. It’s coming. You’ve got one half of the country wanting to do things the way that’s worked for nearly two centuries and the other half demanding a clone of euro-socialist ineptitude on American soil, spreading the wealth at gunpoint via federal leviathan, the EXACT thing the Founding Fathers feared.

Bush’s Presidency was mostly a failure because of the bailouts. He cut the ribbon on the road to tyranny and made it easy for born-in-Kenya Obama to slink in and start the shitball rolling with the Scamulus Bull. At the time of this writing, I’m proud not a single Republican has voted for it, though this current crop is just as likely to give in tomorrow.

There’s going to be a revolution whether people are ready or not. There’s no FUCKING way patriots are going to put up with 4 years of this.

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Obama crack corn and I don’t care

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Obama comes across as an uninspiring, arrogant phony but I don’t hate him, I almost pity him. I aleady know how the story of the next 4 years goes. Would you like a sneak preview?

Obama enacts Same Old New Deal and expands government’s size and illegitimate power. Economy eventually recovers, taking much longer than it would have if government did nothing. Team Obama takes credit for what the free market did.


Obama enacts Same Old New Deal and expands government’s size and illegitimate power. Economy fails to recover fast enough to people’s liking. The half of the country that didn’t vote for Obama takes up arms. Cleansing begins.

Either scenario is fine with me. You can’t let politics prevent you from enjoying your life, even if your life story includes being swept up in a revolution. No government agency, politician or President has ever brought me prosperity, pussy or anything else. What I want is up to me. How I’ll get it is also up to me.

Due to laziness, there will probabaly be a real civil war or insurrection before I write about a fictional one.

Where your sorry ass been at?

Thursday, 15 January 2009

The first meatlights post of 2009 and Jan is already half-over, a case of so much happening that nothing has happened.

Things are in motion and this time I’m going with them.

Even without writing for almost a month, meat-hits remain constant because of posts referring to ‘norpography’. I should send Marc Wallace an e-card.

We’re less than a week away from the Obamessiah taking the reigns. I’m betting it will take less than 4 years for the peeps who voted for him to understand why the other half of the country voted against him.

I see no reason to give His Highness “a chance”. If someone stated his intention to jump off a cliff and meant it, I wouldn’t need to see him do it to believe he was nuts. Obama’s laid out his socialist “plan” and it’s an ‘end justifies the means’ thing. You’ll see. Buy a gun if you haven’t already.

As for the other side, I deem the Bush presidency overall to be a failure (this from someone who supports the Iraq War) because of the bailouts, which are inexcusable; it would’ve been better to let the whole fucking thing collapse. Instead of “saving the free market” Bush cut the ribbon on the road leading to tyranny, and now Obama as Grand Marshal begins the march.

My friends, my friends, let me remind you that it wasn’t deregulation, free markets or freedom that caused this mess, it was government, which treats its citizens’ rights and money like a subcompact rental car.

Enough about pollytix.

Hope you’re enjoying the new year. It’s ridiculous that a man-made invention like calendar time has the power to transform people (more like resetting a computer with a virus) but it seems to help, a little.  New Year’s Day is a symbolic bullet in the head of the corpse of Xmas to assure it’s dead.

Blessings to my 3 readers of the non-sex posts and to the tens of people who read the dirty stuff. Here’s to more sex and filth in oh-nine.

Government Proudly Sucks, or Tiers of rage as I weep for cake

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

American government these days is like watching a 10-tiered wedding cake on a table with all four legs folding in unison.

I HATE to see cake wasted. The jergoffs we trusted to purchase the table with our money promised it was of good, solid steel, we paid 7 trillion times what steel costs and still got balsa wood table legs held together with Scotch tape and
postage stamps instead of nails.

The time for words is almost over though it should’ve been long ago.

Large numbers of people are going to have to be killed to set things straight.

I almost feel sorry for Obamarx. His pissant, wrong-headed, 500-million dollar socialist New New deal won’t help a fucking thing even when he jacks it up to a cool billion or even two bills. His pathetic ideas to get America “moving” again involve “investing” in highways.  So you put more GED stooges leaning on shovels on the median, big fucking deal.

I pity The Messiah because his four years of inadvertent recession-prolonging schemes are already completely overshadowed by the bailouts, aka The Largest Theft in the History of the World.

Maybe it’s better these numbfuck Washington aristocrats continue making the worst possible choices so revolution is inevitable.

But the blame for all of this still falls squarely on the shoulder of the People, that is, you and me.

We are the First Cause, we are our own cheap table legs. We got fat and lazy and we took it for granted that someone else was watching the crooks. It’s the prelude to every tale of a collapsing civilization.

The biggest mistake made in the past 60 years was/is letting the government run education. The Founding Fathers never addressed the idea of a “free” and public education because back then school was a luxury of the upper classes; most people were farmers or in manual trades where the younger you started the better.

I bet none of the Founders would approve of modern public education, seeing it for what it is: pro-government indoctrination camps run by a lazy, costly cartel. The Founders’ brilliance was that they had a healthy fear of government power, and rightly so. The lying fucks that run these schools are claiming government is your BFFL and deserves to be included in every aspect of your life. No wonder we’re screwed.

The bailouts happened because We the American people are by and large ignorant and apathetic about how (badly) government works and how free markets work.

We have allowed ourselves to be swindled and deserve every drop of blood soon to be spilled.

Beyond criminal bailouts, the problem remains our federal leviathan with its endless, expensive “helpful” programs, trying to poison the weeds of social ills with water and sunshine.

There’s no sense trying to save this cake, it’s already sailing towards the floor. Next time maybe we’ll make a 3-tiered cake and set it on a marble table. After a good few years of Mad Max-style hope and change.

Tough Love for Mexico

Sunday, 18 May 2008

The essay Tough Love for Mexico has been updated and deserves a much wider audience (which it can’t get from meatlights, ha ha ha).

The problem with most of author Don Pauly’s plans is they would require an official declaration of war to carry them out. It’s all right with me if the only way to save the USA is to make Mexico want to be a better person at gunpoint but I’m, ahem, in the minority.

Realistically, Pauly’s simple, brilliant designs are unworkable because there are no longer enough patriots in the USA to support it. It’s too late.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, heavily endorsed by Ted ‘Swim’ Kennedy, shifted American immigration from educated European nations to third world shitholes, and that was just LEGAL immigration, you know how the rest turned out.

Because of the failure to honor the rule of law, it’s now going to require nothing less than civil war to survive the ongoing Mexican invasion, lawlessness to defeat a greater lawlessness.

“History, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.” — El Morpheus