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A terrifying look at (y)our CHINESE future

Sunday, 13 April 2008

I hate Red China’s evil empire government, not the Chinese people. Though not the oldest of civilizations, Chinese civilization was supremely advanced when Western Man could barely wipe his…nose. In school I used to wish I was born in the 1700s so I wouldn’t have to learn so much American history. Going back 2000 years Before Christ, Chinese history must be a nightmare to learn.

Mr. Anthony Browne offers up this article. It should scare the shit out of every roundeye and non-round eye that’s not Chinese. Hell, the Chinese people should also be terrified; over a billion of them and their own evil regime treats them like sea monkeys.

Why China is the REAL master of the universe By Anthony Browne

In case you didn’t bother to read it…did you see Rocky III? The Western World is like Rocky at the start of the story, appearing on the Muppet show and commercials, getting soft on fame and fortune. Meanwhile, China is Clubber Lang, one scary-ass mohawked Negro, getting totally ripped to scary-sounding ghetto saxophone music. He was so scary that as as kid I watched the The A-Team pilot warily, waiting for BA Baracus/Clubber Lang to fucking flip out.

Unlike Rocky, the West has neither a Mickey nor Apollo Creed to give us the Eye of the Tiger.

Dammit I really don’t want to learn Chinese. I’m having a hell of a time staying interested enough to learn Spanish.

These evil Red Chinese government fucks are a blessing in disguise; if the rest of the world doesn’t stop lounging around like a fat breeder asshole waiting for a welfare check, it’s going to wake up eating dirty rice cakes and rats in special camps, waiting for its organs to be harvested when the Chinese Masters need them.